Latest Articles in Work from Home (WFH)

4 Ways To Manage Work-Life Balance In Remote Working

According to recent research, one in every three Indian professionals is experiencing burn out due to increased work load and stress in the WFH setting.

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Shipsy Announces Work From Home Indefinitely

As much as 88% of global companies offered remote work for all their employees during COVID.

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Onward Technologies To Raise Rs 70 Cr

Inspite of COVID-19 and challenges from work from home (WFH), the company has shown strong resilience and hired 500 engineers across the digital and engineering services verticals to support its fast-growing

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How Will The Startups Shape-Up In 2021?

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for digital and online adoption, opening up new opportunities for tech startups and a visible shift to SaaS-based solutions.

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