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Coworking Spaces Become Startup Incubators as WeWork Forms Stronghold in India

As WeWork becomes the largest coworking space provider in India, home grown Indian coworking spaces transform into nurturing hubs for startups

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SoftBank Vision Fund Invests €460M in Used Car Platform AUTO1 Group

460 million euros is approximately a couple of million dollars more than $560 million given the forex rates. SoftBank’s Akshay Naheta will join the AUTO1 Group board following the investment.

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$100 Billion is Not Enough as SoftBank Mulls Another Tech Fund

Talks are still early, but the fund will likely be even bigger than a $100 billion.

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SoftBank’s Vision Fund Looking to Make a Unicorn Out of Britain’s Deliveroo

The startup will reach a valuation of around 1.1 billion pounds, and SoftBank is "very interested" in buying a stake.

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WeWork May Get $3B from SoftBank and its Vision Fund

300 million dollars is already in the bag. The remaining 2.7 billion dollars is on the way from the Vision Fund.

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Proof 2015 Was Pivotal For Middle Eastern Startup Ecosystem

2015 was an inflection year for the kind of investments Middle Eastern (ME) princes of the deserts made. In fact this article discusses close to 50 billion dollars of investment plans since 2015.

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