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AI, VR, Big Data and Its Impact on Digital Marketing

The real future of AR is how it can help us get varied content and services which are already in use with a better and improved experience.

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Current Scenario and Skills Needed for India's Future in AI, VR and IOT

The breakneck pace of innovations in AI, VR and IoT has posed a huge challenge – the need for trained personnel to effectively create and maintain these solutions.

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I Want Virtual Reality To Go Mainstream

“Virtual Reality was once a dream of science fiction. But the Internet was also once a dream and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming and we have a chance to build it together.” - Mark Zuckerberg

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Climbax Entertainment: A Multi-Industry Startup Disrupting the World of VR, Software, Films & Motion Graphics

In the three years since its inception, Delhi based Climbax Entertainment has carved a niche for itself in various challenging domains. With new technologies making their way daily into the market, Climbax Entertainment has the ability to develop versatile products under a single roof.

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The Social Reality of Virtual Reality: Hype For Virtual Reality Gaining Traction

Since our launch, we are receiving a lot of requests to create VR walkthrough experience inside schools, colleges, travel destinations, hotels as well as manufacturing industries.

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