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Minjar Raises Fresh Funds; Vivriti Capital to Raise Rs 650-700 Cr; Team Indus Plans $40M Fund; Ofo Gets $700M Led by Alibaba & More

ETechAces Marketing and Consulting, which owns online financial services marketplaces PolicyBazaar and PaisaBazaar, is looking to raise Rs 500 crore from Wellington Management, one of the world's largest asset management companies with $1 trillion under management.

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President of India Steps into Encourage Startup Investment

“…one must understand that even though nine out of ten ventures that an investor may fund, may fail; still… I am sure the investment community is up to the task to match the ingenuity and enterprise of our young innovators.”

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HAKUTO of Japan to Hitch a ride to the Moon Abroad TeamIndus Space craft

TeamIndus Sign Agreement with Team HAKUTO to Carry Robotic Rover to the Moon

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Team Indus Announces Signing of Historic Launch Contract with the Indian Space Research Organization

First Instance of a Private Indian Company Contracting a Dedicated Launch Vehicle for a Space Mission

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MOON SHOT: TeamIndus takes a shot at the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE

“TeamIndus feels that there are only a few teams who have demonstrated capabilities. Moon Express and Synergy Moon from the United States, Space IL from Israel are some such teams and they are their serious competition in the contest. These teams have all managed to get a launch contract and TeamIndus is hoping to sign one soon with ISRO”

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