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Unscalable Idea to Create Scalable Venture

There are two reasons founders resist going out and selling. They are combination of shyness and laziness. The founder would rather sit at home writing code then go out and talk to a bunch of stranger and probably be rejected by most of them. But for start-up to succeed at least one founder will have to spend all his time on sales and marketing.

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JetSynthesys Unveils a Unique ‘Garage’ To Build Startups

"Garage provides you space in the heart of Mumbai, a synergizing community and best-in-class services to help foster your growth into pure excellence" said Sidharth Rao, President JetLabs.

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Top 10 Hilarious #Startup Facts!

Every time we speak about shares and equity with our team; they used to give us a weird look like some zombies from other planets are talking to them.

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Creating Unicorns - Startup Idea to IPO - Funds Raising & Wealth Creation for Startups and SMEs

Venture capital investments in India reached INR 15,600 crore (US$ 2363) till June 2015, surpassing the total INR 14,850 crore (US$ 2250) invested in entire 2014, setting the stage for another record year as interest in local technology startups peak.

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