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Budget 2022-23 Expectations: Fitness Industry Demands Benefits For Gyms And Startups

As several people choose to pursue their workout regimes from their homes, the AI wearables, advanced phone apps, and at-home equipment is expected to become synonyms to personalized fitness in the country.

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India’s Digital Divide: The Need For Greater Collaboration And Technological Intervention To Overcome The Pandemic And Become Future-Ready

FinTech startups are leveraging technology to help fill the gap prevalent in rural areas and identify the target groups without access to technology by adding additional features on their platforms.

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Importance Of Supply Chain Management In Indian E-Commerce Industry

Integrating new-age technologies or tools is further aiding brands to analyze their customers’ preferred fulfilment choices and past shopping behaviour to optimize inventory management, increase repeat purchase rates and balance fulfilment costs.

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How New-Age Technologies Have Been Revolutionizing The F&B Industry?

F&B product manufacturers have now moved on to alternative biodegradable and plastic-free solutions along with an innovative packaging system like edible packaging, micro packaging and bacteria-fighting packaging helping in maintaining and increasing the shelf life of the products and thus reducing wastages because of expiry.

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