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Technology Catalysing Women's Participation In Logistics Industry

The potential of women to wear many hats may considerably increase logistical efficiency. To reduce the gap between expectations and reality in logistics demands a great deal of persistence

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Integrating MSMEs In The Global Value Chain

MSMEs encounter multiple challenges, including soaring shipping costs, capacity constraints, technological disruptions in their supply chains and most importantly, poor cargo visibility resulting in logistics blindspots.

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What Does The Logistic Industry Expect From The Budget For 2022?

Although the government has been proactively working to extend support to businesses, there is a need for more such initiatives to add to India’s growth story.

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Brands Revolutionizing the Indian Express Logistics Industry with New-age Technological Solutions

The implementation of GST in 2017, logistics sector being accorded infrastructure status, key government initiatives towards development of the infrastructure, and private investments have together contributed to the robust growth of the sector.

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Logistics Startups in India: The Current Scenario and Challenges

While the disruption in the logistics sector has been long overdue, the segment continues to hold a strong inertia to digitisation.

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