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From Disrupting E-Commerce to Mainstream AI, Staqu Going Strong

With an idea so unique, it was a challenge for the co-founders to precisely explain the enterprise and its myriad services to both, clients and investors. Self-funding the venture in the beginning, Staqu emerged victorious in the IBM GEP SmartCamp Challenge

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Medika Bazaar: Aims to be the Largest Aggregator of Medical Supplies in next 2-3 years

Medikabazaar has 3500+ medical institutions signed up with them. More than half of them are transacting frequently. Average order value is more than Rs 5000. Medikabazaar has more than 35000+ products on their portal with more than 300 registered vendors / manufacturers.

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IBM Smartcamp - Conducting a Nationwide Challenge in the Space of Smart City

The application is open to B2B and B2C Startups less than 5 years in the area of Energy & Utility, Transportation, Sanitation, Water, Citizen Management, Safety and Surveillance. Agritech startups are also welcome.

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IBM Smartcamp - Offering a Great Opportunity for Healthtech Startups to go to the Next Level

Startups less than 5 years, who are having innovations in the Healthcare sector using Information technology as a backbone can apply.

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IBM Smartcamp - Great Opportunity for Fintech Startups to Go to the Next Level

The top 10 innovative companies in the Fintech space in India will be presenting to a panel consisting of VCs, IBM Execs, Edelweiss Execs, where they will be getting feedback on their solution as well. The Top 10 companies will also be presenting to Enterprise CIOs in the Fintech space and an audience of 250+ people.

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Deals RoundUp: Google, Moodstocks, CrAdLE, Paintcollar, Meta IoT, Vahann and One Way Cab, Applyifi, Twitter, IBM Smartcamp, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and Edelweiss

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program in association with Edelweiss is conducting a challenge for Fintech Startups, named IBM Smartcamp, India’s biggest B2B startup competition.

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