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How Investing In EdTech Startups Can Combine Profit With Purpose

Investing in EdTech directly contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 which aims to make quality education inclusive and equal for all and advance lifelong learning opportunities.

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Edtech Sector May Consolidate Hiring, Investments As Schools Start To Open: Experts

The intensity of action in terms of recruitments, investments and new enrolments is expected to come down a bit as the brick-and-mortar model begins to function normally, he said.

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How Will The Startups Shape-Up In 2021?

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for digital and online adoption, opening up new opportunities for tech startups and a visible shift to SaaS-based solutions.

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The Edtech Sector in 2018: Shift Happens

Reports estimate that the edtech sector in India alone is going to grow and scale to US$ 1.96 billion.

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