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EV Startup Swytchd Raises $553,000 In Seed Round

The Bengaluru-based company plans to use the funds to expand operations and marketing, as well as hire more employees. The capital will also aid in the expansion of the fleet size

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Shifting Gears: How Will EV Make The Mark In India?

With the increasing pollution levels and the need for industries to become more environmentally conscious, e-mobility will be more of a necessity than a luxury in the coming future

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Shadowfax Technologies To Move 75% of Its Fleet To EVs By 2024

Shadowfax with its IP technologies has built a platform that is unique and sustainable as it is optimized for various parameters such as vehicle speeds, customer expectations, willingness and ability to pay thus making it the platform of choice for EV partners

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Sunshine Sector: How Are EVs Shaping Up in India?

India is nearing its goal of being self-reliant and the largest automobile market in the world. At present the sales is estimated to have increased around 355% year on year basis which can be defined as an exceptional start to the new era of EV.

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