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Bhavin Turakhia Joins Unacademy’s Board

Bhavin Turakhia is a serial tech entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Directi. He is also the founder and CEO of Flock, Radix, CodeChef, and Ringo, as well as the co-founder of and Zeta.

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What's Flock and Why Use it When You Have WhatsApp?

A Flock survey reports its users increase productivity by 40 percent and reduce wasteful office meetings by 60 percent

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"Focus on Creating Value Rather than Profitability; To Do Well in the Long-Run!"- Bhavin Turakhia

Currently, the complete focus is on our existing business i.e. Flock, Zeta, Radix, and Ringo. We have stated earlier as well that we have committed USD 110 million in the existing businesses for the current and the next financial year.

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7 Things a Startup Should do to be Unsuccessful

Despite such promising statistics, growth in the startup ecosystem has slowed down in recent quarters. With lower fund inflows and layoffs on the rise, smaller startups are merging with stronger, financially and operationally sound companies; or shutting shop as they fail to turn cash flows positive.

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