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One In Five Women Started Investing For The First Time Amidst Covid: Survey

Taking money matters into their own hands helps create a virtuous cycle of benefits. 70 per cent of women have said that it gave them a greater sense of confidence and independence, and helped improve their overall well-being.

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StepOne Believes Technology Will Make Large Scale Interventions Possible

"Project StepOne is a non-profit startup collective of technology and healthcare professionals on a mission to augment government resources with technology, people and processes to effectively fight against Covid, " explains Raghavendra Prasad, Founder, Project StepOne

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Young Entrepreneurs Need To Stay Connected To Face The Stress Of COVID

At a recently held virtual summit, young entrepreneurs discuss major challenges they faced during the pandemic and what they are doing to breakthrough past them.

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Portea Medical ties up with Capgemini to offer COVID related healthcare services for its employees and their dependents

The services, to be provided to employees and dependents, will encompass tele consultation, doctor/nurse visits, counselling and home care, among other things.

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