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2016’s Top 5 Angel Investors - Who would India Chase in 2017?

Arch-angels or guardian-angels, whatever one might call them… No one can really understand what they go through while deciding the right eggs. Seed funding and planning exits are stressful decisions to make, aren’t they!

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Buttercups Aims to Bring New Collections Every 3 Months

This goes to prove the fact that online shopping for intimate wear has created a paradigm shift in the way lingerie as a category is perceived. Customers today value high quality products and expect personalized services. We aim to expand to 10-12 fitting rooms in the next 2 years in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, and do a major overhaul of the online experience. We have a strong grip on the kind of products women like and will start having new collections every three months from October.

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Online Lingerie Brand Buttercups Raises Funding from Snapdeal’s ex-CPO Anand Chandrasekaran and Others

The funds will help Buttercups accelerate its growth plan, both offline and online, as it continues its evolution as a customer-focused lingerie brand.

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