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Blockchain Startup Sharedum Raises $18.2 M In Seed Funding

Sharedum raises $18.3 million in a seed funding round. The funds will be deployed for the company research and product design

Read More Raises $1.5 M in Pre-Seed Funding

Blockchain startup raises $1.5 million in a pre-seed funding round. The funds will majorly be utilised for product development and technology innovation with an aim to expand with new offerings

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Permissionless Raises $250 K Via Community Support

Permissionless a decentralised autonomous organisation raises $2.5 lakh via community support in less than 48 hours. It aims to leverage blockchain to eliminate trust issues on a technical level

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Using Blockchain Technology To Revolutionize Cyber Security And Promote Transparency In Business

Blockchain is a public ledger made up of a sequence of blocks, which maintains a full history of past transactions within the network – activities in any organization can be improved using blockchain technology.

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Blockchain Technology Fintech Startup ASQI Raises $1M In Pre-Series A Funding

With a vision to bring blockchain into mainstream finance, ASQI is building a public blockchain called Newrl.

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Delivering Seamless Financial Offerings To Rural Populations: Jake Seltzer, Co-Founder & CEO, Finance Blocks

The role of the platform is to enable immutable recording of all transaction data, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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How DeFi Networks Are Enabling Blockchain Startups To Raise Capital

To make the entire fund-raising process more tenable, several firms are now offering companies looking to launch their own ICO/IEO/IDO a full suite of advisory services ranging from Legal documentation, Marketing services and Technological aspects like tokenomics.

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Decoding Crypto Terminology; The Ultimate Crypto Jargon-Buster

Crypto industry is an enthralling new space that has its own language. Hopefully these definitions of important crypto-terminology makes the move onto this space a little easier.

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Blockchain Programme For Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Launched By Digital University Of Kerala, EDII

The 14-day program aims to equip the students with the knowledge, attitude, and skills to effectively deal with the opportunities at hand, issues, and challenges regarding entrepreneurship.

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Diving Into Blockchain - Get Fundamentals Right

Transformational technologies have redistributed wealth time and again. If history doesn't repeat itself, it surely rhyme with blockchain technology

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