5 Must Have Apps for Women of Today

Whether it's about creating a budget, tracking shops for kids, seeking advice for parenting, sharing personal views on any topic, selecting the right book to read, these 5 applications will help women to manage their day to day life very interestingly.


SHEROES is a year old app that provides women with everyday growth and empowerment. This app brings women around you and connects with them on the same platform where they can join communities that interests them and create a circle of support one can depend upon. The app provides women a safe, secure women-only community to talk openly without the fear of being judged. SHEROES is a space where women can be themselves, have fun, and can learn and grow. It helps them write their own growth story and also be a part of other women’s stories by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. So, next time you are in a fix to post something on any social network platform, make sure you head towards SHEROES and write whatever you wish to.


Momspresso is a platform that provides content for the multi-faceted Moms of today. The finely brewed content on Momspresso, not only provides answers to all your parenting questions but also supports you in your own personal journey as a woman. The app is India's largest blogging platform for Mums community and enables one to harness their collective wisdom.


Firstcry app is an online shopping platform designed for moms and babies. It offers every product a mom may need for her baby or for herself with a good number of brands to choose from. The deals and offers available on firstcry are lucrative too. Firstcry also has a community where you can ask any shopping related question and chat with other moms to find out what they are buying and why.


Women who are keen on reading books but because of their busy schedule can’t open up books and flip through pages, Goodreads app offers the world largest social network for readers. The app enables you to read thousands of book reviews by your friends and other Goodreads members, keep a virtual bookshelf of what you've read, and build your to-read list as you discover great books on the app.

Baby Chakra

BabyChakra app is the best parenting app for all your pregnancy, parenting, maternity, baby development and childcare needs. It helps expecting mothers to get answers to all their parenting questions and get help during their pregnancy. The app has the largest and most active community of young parents in India.

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