Article on May 18, 2017

Optimising Real-Time Prescriptive Analytics for Instantaneous Outcomes

Prescriptive Analytics can help combine all isolated business functions/processes with the help of analytical business models and optimization techniques to enable meaningful and feasible future decisions by solving different scenarios to select the best possible outcome.

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Micromax CMO Shubhajit Sen Quits, Shubhodip Pal Takes His Place

Micromax Informatics has promoted Shubhodip Pal as its new Chief Marketing & Commercial officer and Group Head for VAS and online sales as its current CMO Shubhajit Sen quit

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Journey Of An Entrepreneur

The book has been divided into four phases, each portraying a phase of Lekhi’s life and each phase is detailed under several chapters. Lessons learnt from her experiences are mentioned at the end of each chapter

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