Article on June 16, 2022

Global Metaverse Revenue Opportunity Could Approach $800 Bn By 2024: Alok Joshi, Lepasa Metaverse

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Alok Joshi, Co-founder at Lepasa Metaverse, talks about the company, funding, technology, NFT etc.

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All Things Baby Adds 4 Internationally Acclaimed Baby Care Brands

Nurturing its vision to celebrate the joys of parenthood, is also introducing premium baby care products

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G.O.A.T Brand Labs Closes Funding Round of USD 50 Mn To Acquire New Brands

n one year since starting the venture, G.O.A.T has completed 15 acquisitions, focussing on a portfolio of well-known, strong and upcoming D2C brands.

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Cyberthreats To Fintech: Challenges And Mitigation

An analysis of the industries attacked highlights the risk of supply chain disruption, critical infrastructure impact, and supply chain cyberattacks

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