Article on July 11, 2016

So You Want to Create a Tech Startup

Winged Angels had invested in over thirty start-ups to date, and if you were to ask any of their members, they were – quite frankly – a little bored.

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Equations : Integrated Communication Firm Engaged In Public Relations, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing and Event Management

Getting the right team in place is always a challenge for most start-ups and we continue to face the same. It is very important to get people on board who share the same vision as yours.

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CarMender : A Group of Car Owners That Want to Re-Imagine the Way You Look at Car Maintenance

CarMender germinated in the minds of Sandip and Madhav first during their time working in the automobile manufacturing world when they realised the disingenuous way with which major car manufacturers and their authorised service centers functioned.

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