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Sensible Entrepreneurs Put Money After Getting Business Traction and Are Measured While Recruiting People

Startups should be wary of relying on outsourcing and would do better by in-house talent – to attract such a talent, there are ways like giving ESOP’s and higher variable but lower fixed component of salaries.

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Promoters Need to be Very Innovative Today, to Make Profits

For companies into Exports from India, I would like to offer some insight basis my own experience – Get complete background check of the overseas customer from ECGC, avail LC insurance from it and also take Shipping insurance with help of the Logistics company.

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Government Needs to go Beyond Cutting Red Tape to Handholding Investing Companies

US, Europe, China and ASEAN nations provide easy access to Land, electricity, water, power and other such variables which are required with minimum effort and on time.

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Lack of Fear of Law in Minds of Indians with Poor Police and Judicial System

Given the lack of respect for law in mind of many Indians, stemming from a Judiciary mired in humongous number of Court cases and hence in permanent coma, Government can unclog Courts by moving intra-Government cases to arbitration panels.

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Indian Education System is Rigid, Regimented and Outdated to Current Times

The most striking reason for India being a laggard is its outdated education system. To give an example, per latest studies, only 8% of India’s Engineers are employable, once they graduate from College!

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Indian Businesses Require Scale and Marquee Branding to Move Up the Value Chain

Cue to take is from South Korea’s chaebols – Samsung, LG and Hyundai. India has developed huge number of MSME’s and a workforce, which is largely in the unorganized sector.

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Getting Exits in India is Tougher Than the Western Markets

Most often, the two big factors which end up effecting Exits are – Launch timing and Scalability. The product or service must be solving a unique problem for the consumer and have rapid scalability to derive economies of scale.

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Indian Equity and Debt Ecosystem is Tougher Than the West

Indian Venture capitalists and Private Equity players all prefer borrowing abroad, owing, off course, to low yield.

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Indian Rupee Needs to be Strong for India Story to Play Out Like China

It’s another matter that some of Amazon’s investments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) became hugely profitable in themselves and hence lent greater justification to investor’s long-drawn patience.

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Stratospheric Startup Valuations Benefit Select Few, But Wreck Many Minds

Another aspect of the crazy valuations is that by taking money from investors outside of the Stock Exchange route, these Startups manage to avoid many of the disclosure requirements and are hence, able to keep their business secrets private.

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