Muqbil Ahmar

Technology Evangelist, avid blogger and enthusiast, and basically a storyteller at heart. With more than 10 years of experience in journalism, I have enjoyed my stints with other media like TV, magazines, and Web. When not surrounded by startup and tech stories, I like to dig for inspirational ones. I write on Cloud, Big Data, IoT, startups, SMEs, Enterprises, Technology, ERP, CRM, and everything under the sun—viewed from the prism of new era tech.

Latest Articles By Muqbil Ahmar

Laying Off Employees Doesn’t Solve Any Problems

Firing can have serious consequences for an organization: valuable resources may migrate to an enterprise’s competition; there could be anger and frustration in employees who stay back; there could also be long-term damage to a company’s image, reputation, sales, and production.

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Technology Can Help Startups Reign in Corruption and Graft

One way to reducing corruption within organizations is to automate processes and modern technologies such as enterprise resource management (ERP) can help reduce internal leakage.

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