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Technology Evangelist, avid blogger and enthusiast, and basically a storyteller at heart. With more than 10 years of experience in journalism, I have enjoyed my stints with other media like TV, magazines, and Web. When not surrounded by startup and tech stories, I like to dig for inspirational ones. I write on Cloud, Big Data, IoT, startups, SMEs, Enterprises, Technology, ERP, CRM, and everything under the sun—viewed from the prism of new era tech.

Latest Articles By Muqbil Ahmar

Use Disruptive Technology to Free India from Hunger and Poverty

The Indian Government must leverage modern technology such as the inventory management systems to minimize food wastage and also to prevent hoarding and black marketing. Storage infrastructure must be bolstered at the supply chain level. Inventory management systems can help in aspects of food delivery and storage as well as prevent wastage.

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Cloud Computing, the Most Disruptive IT Force, Fuels Data Center Boom in India and South-East Asia

Apart from the other benefits, data centers will help in the employment of trained people from other segments such as Big Data and Analytics, Software, telecommunications, network design, and business development.

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Blockchains can be a Boon for Corruption-Ridden Accounting Systems in India and the World

India stands at the 76th position out of 175 countries on global anti-graft organization Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index.

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World Hepatitis Day: Emerging Technologies Help Identify High-Risk Groups and Disease Management

Combining predictive analytics as well as care coordination could help healthcare providers ensure higher levels of disease management and medication intervals for patients.

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Is Your Data Safe on the GST Network (GSTN)?

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is the nodal agency for providing IT services and infrastructure to the Central and State Governments along with the tax payers and other stakeholders for implementing the GST.

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Humans Vs Machines: Is Automation Responsible for India’s Information Technology Layoffs?

Tech giant Microsoft is planning thousands of layoffs due to focus on cloud computing and automation.

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GST Impact: Boom in Fintech Software Companies Due to GST Rollout

Goods and Services Tax (GST), India's indirect tax reform, will affect everyone, including businesses of all sizes such as big corporates, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and startups.

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GST Will have Significant Impact for the Shipping Industry

It remains to be seen how the shipping and logistics sector adapts to the new changes brought about by the GST. Although there are concerns that the sector might be adversely affected.

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GST: Lessons for India from Other GST-Compliant Countries for Enterprises and Businesses

Will the GST will actually help India in the development of a national common market? Will there be free flow of goods and services? Only time will tell about India’s experiment with indirect taxation.

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GST Impact on Economy: Will It Push Two Percent GDP Growth?

In Asia, countries such as Malaysia and Singapore have adopted the GST structure and were pushed by the State’s drive to replenish dried up coffers.

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