Dr Ashok Kumar

Dr. Ashok Kumar is Ph.D with professional qualifications in Business Management & Demography with advanced training in Management at Ashorne Hill College of Management, UK and has authored books and papers. He is a consultant with Centre for VUCA Studies, Amity University and has 47 years of experience as Professor of IIM Indore, Professor at Amity University and GM in SAIL.

Latest Articles By Dr Ashok Kumar

Taxonomy Of VUCA In Indian Startups: The Future Of Entrepreneurship

Therefore, the majority of entrepreneurial firms should rally on being highly innovative. They should continue possessing and harnessing upon dynamic capabilities. They mantra of being competitive banks on their persuasion for innovation, which is their primary success engine

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Entrepreneurial Firms And Their VUCA Readiness

A business environment characterized by VUCA components is the new normal. Enterprises that are VUCA ready will find it easier to sail through the turbulent and chaotic business environment.

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Are Innovation Models Ready For Mitigating VUCA In Startups?

An important stage in launching a startup is its entrepreneurial initiative, which can be understood as an ability to turn ideas into action. For entrepreneurial initiatives, innovation and creativity are highly critical skills

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Caressing The “VUCA In Start-Ups”

Researchers are convinced that entrepreneurship is an act of a pursuit of an opportunity and capitalising upon the journey without major emphasis and consideration for resources.

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Organisational Medley: Response To VUCA By Entrepreneurial Firms

Creativity is needed to produce unthinkable solutions to a problem; on the other side innovation is an act of implementing creativity in finding solutions.

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Disruptive Innovations In A VUCA World

The market development process envisages the firm to learn and know about the market and also aids in understanding the technology in all spheres.

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