Dhruva Nath

Dr Dhruva Nath is Professor and Chairman of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. He is also an Angel Investor. He can be reached at

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Building Viable Startups : Control Your Fixed Costs

About a year ago, while having his weekly bath, Amit had had a bright idea. There were so many, many college students who were studying in not-so-great colleges, with very few placement opportunities.

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Raising funds? How Much Equity Should You Dilute?

This is exactly what the angels wanted to hear. “Flexible Valuations.” So for the same amount invested, the angels would get a larger slice of equity in the company.

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So You Want to Create a Tech Startup

Winged Angels had invested in over thirty start-ups to date, and if you were to ask any of their members, they were – quite frankly – a little bored.

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