Anjli Jain

Anjli Jain is the Managing Partner at EVC Ventures, a $50 million Chicago based Venture Capital fund focused globally on growth stage startups.

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A VC Perspective - What's Better In HigherEd Than A Smart Fusion Of AI & Machine Learning?

AI as a technology helps build an infrastructure for research and learning, combining knowledge and data and ML is all about customizing the whole learning experience when teachers don’t have to worry about keeping logs on students.

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The Future of Conversational AI & Chatbots

Envision artificial intelligence and cognitive power like an object in your grasp, a robot, or even in the walls of an operating room, meeting room or rocket.

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Crowdfunding - Raising Billions

Crowdfunding campaigns are more successful today as compared to the normal investment methods and have witnessed funds flowing in billions of dollars for crucial projects.

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Mind or Machines – Cognitive Science Changing Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still developing and advancing to claim the human-level intelligence, let us acknowledge the principles and methods it is deploying to improve the abilities of these machines to think like a human.

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A VC Perspective - India And The Artificial Intelligence Wave & Where Is It Going?

Data is the key to AI and is instrumental in its advancement. Like education and healthcare, AI technology also has a strong hold on other industries such as agriculture, finance, banking, automobile, etc.

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