Nikhil Garth D'Rozario

A communication evangelist at heart, Nikhil D’Rozario has always been a huge admirer of the simplicity of the complexity of nature as well as the ancient travellers such as Christopher Columbus, Hiun-Tsiang and Pausanias amongst others. He is a firm believer in the paradox that it is within a deeper understanding of nature and these great travellers and their adventures, their psychosis, discovery and methodologies / systems lies the key DNA for the requisite discovery and application of new age disruptive interventions and strategies for new age consumers, companies and the booming start-up environment of today’s e-world.

Latest Articles By Nikhil Garth D'Rozario

Making the Big White Elephant Dance

Start-ups are nimble, yet fragile, while larger companies have a strong foundation but are rigid. Seems like the perfect match; each entities’ weakness is the others’ strength. The Big White Elephant will dance, but only, if we all dance together.

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