Ashissh Raichura

Ashissh Raichura, has earned a doctorate in Computer science from Vancouver, Canada. His expertise lies in BigData, Hadoop, Predictive analysis, cyber forensic analyst and investigation for cyber crimes. Ashissh Raichura currently works as a CTO at Healthsaverz. He harbors a keen interest in promoting IoT in the healthcare and smart homes sector, and currently is working on developing an external health care device. Apart from being the digital cognoscenti, Ashissh Raichura is also a serial entrepreneur, and an Angel Investor.

Latest Articles By Ashissh Raichura

An Insight on How IoT Can Aid Prevention and Help Steer Clear of Conventional Treatment

IoT has far reaching implications with regards to improved outcomes, reduced costs and putting patients in charge of their wellbeing.

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The Best Resources to Enable Your IoT Idea and Bring it to the Market

All it takes to succeed for IoT startups is access to the best resources and a little bit of luck. With heavy emphasis on cost optimization, ideal sourcing, reliable prototype building and constantly being updated, there's no hurdle too big to bring any idea into existence.

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Most Important Thing for Hardware (IoT) startup

Ashissh Raichura, giving insight on how to successfully get your product in the market by validating the success of the product at every stage.

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