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Zerodha And The Business Of Trading: A Success Story

"I think there will be a transition to the advisory first market. We will probably have a bear market before a bull market, and the bear market will teach people why they need a financial doctor."

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“Workruit has been playing a pivotal role in connecting job seekers and employers based on the criteria and expertise”- Manikanth Challa, Workruit

"Workruit is a new age AI-based recruitment platform that enables faster hirings, in an organized and effortless manner for both employers and job seekers. It has a very intuitive interface based on swipe right to apply and left to reject, connecting employers and job seekers. In the hard times of the pandemic, Workruit has been playing a pivotal role in connecting job seekers and employers based on the criteria and expertise, filtered by its AI-based engine."

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#DISRUPTEXCLUSIVE: Delhi Based Beanly Coffee Launches Draft Coffee Cans - India's First Nitro-Coffee Beverages.

We have had tea bags for so long, and it was a no-brainer why we don’t have something like this for coffee. The focus was on freshly brewed coffee where it should taste the way it should and not like a filtered coffee with chemicals in it.

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#DISRUPTEXCLUSIVE: Omnichannel Operations And The Future Of Retail

Our omnichannel platform enables integrated stock visibility for physical stores, online websites, and marketplaces, helping brands manage orders, inventory as well as logistics on a single platform. Moreover, we have made a huge impact with our tech-forward solutions and currently have 600+ brands and 10K+ stores across the country working with us.

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#DISRUPTEXCLUSIVE: Are Micro-VCs the Way Forward For Start-ups?

The number of Micro VCs has been increasing due to their potential of addressing a funding gap and booming Indian Start-up ecosystem. Micro VCs typically invest in the sunrise sectors, ~60% of micro VC investment in 2020 were in SaaS/AI sector, consumer apps and platforms, e-commerce, and listing platforms.

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#BWTechtors: Future Of Tech Start-ups: What Do Experts Have To Say?

“I think there will be a hybrid model where both online and offline will coexist. Remote learning will not go away for sure as various institutions have seen its convenience, but offline learning will definitely not completely go away. “ - Sanjeev Bikhchandani

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“Digitization is all about affording convenience to customers”

Digitization can cater to consumer’s re-buying needs and make any company global as multiple geographical locations are more accessible through the use of technology

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