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Startups In India: The Challenging Rise

With ‘the great resignation’ the booming trend, there will be a bloodbath for top talent especially in the tech-driven fields

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'We Want To Be Amongst First Digital Banks In The Country' Manish Lunia, Co-Founder-

Indian MSMEs only obtain 1/7th of their funding from Institutional sources and the rest is met by friends, family, money lenders etc. – which is uncertain and costly.

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Consumer Convenience: The Future of Customer Satisfaction

In this conversation, Anjali Malhotra speaks about her entrepreneurial journey, latest venture, and what drives her to take the leap of faith after a well established corporate career.

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Is The Logistics Market Set To Change?

"Today we are present in North operating In Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab & Haryana with a Warehousing Space of 2.5 Lakhs+ sqft. & provide a complete 3pl solution. We are one of the company today that are 100% legally compliant"- Puneet Wadhwa, Wadhwa Group

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Cyberspace And Data Security: What’s cooking?

In this tell-all interview, Prateek Sharma, COO, Securitybulls speaks to Urvi Shrivastav, Editorial BW Businessworld about the leading cause behind the increase in data breach incidents. He also provides an insight about the role start-ups are playing and what are the expectations from cyber-security business owners.

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Where Online Meets The Offline

“We are also backed by investors like Tiger Global, Flipkart, Hotstar, and angels too who have believed in us and provided the funding to start this journey.”- Rishi Vasudev, G.O.A.T

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Weekly Roundup: Startups and Funding

This week has been eventful for start-ups, as they continue seeking funding from Indian as well as international investors

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"While a traditional fund charges various sorts of fees that hinder capital growth, True Beacon charges 10% only on the gains" Nikhil Kamath, Zerodha

In a tell-all interaction with BW Businessworld and BW Disrupt, Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha speaks to Urvi Shrivastav, Editorial, Bw Businessworld about his venture True Beacon, customer wealth management, and the crowded stock market.

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"At Upstox, we aspire to be a one-stop-shop for investing solutions" Ravi Kumar, Upstox

In a tell-all interaction, Ravi Kumar, Co-Founder, Upstox speaks with Urvi Shrivastav, editorial lead, BW Disrupt, BW Businessworld. Kumar speaks about the start-up's journey thus far, the fascinating story behind its inception and the future plans he has for Upstox.

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Hospitality, The Ekostay Way

"For an industry that contributes to nearly 10% of the GDP, we were truly hoping for some major change in government policies pertaining to the hospitality/travel sector factoring in the 6 months rigorous lockdown that led to major cutbacks and laying off employees as well as properties."

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