ah! Ventures Invests In Instant Beverage Startup Flistaa Through Its First Gear Platform

With 35 investments in 2021 till date ah! Ventures plans to do 40+ investments this year totalling to INR 150+ CR (~20MN USD).

ah! Ventures has invested in Instant Beverage Startup Flistaa through its First Gear Platform. This is ah! Ventures’ 98th investment (in 78 Startups) taking its total investment portfolio to INR 243 CR (~32 MN USD) with 11 exits and 20 follow on rounds till date. With 35 investments in 2021 till date ah! Ventures plans to do 40+ investments this year totalling to INR 150+ CR (~20MN USD). 

Flistaa is a millennials and Gen Z centric New age Indian beverage brand coming up with most loved Indian beverages like street juices, milkshakes, regional drinks, sharbats, etc. in form of instant beverages premixes in convenient sachet packaging, so that they can consume their favorite local beverages at any time without any hassle. 

Initially brand has launched local flavors of juice premixes like Ganga Jamuna Saraswati (Orange, Mosambi and Pineapple Instant Juice mix), Mara Mari (Pineapple and Mosambi Instant Juice Mix), etc. and milkshakes premixes like Mango Instant milkshake mix, Strawberry Instant milkshake mix, etc. in sachets. Just add one sachet in water and shake, and the beverage is ready in one minute. 

All Products are made with natural ingredients without compromising on hygiene and health. The aim is to give taste and experience of the products at par with the beverages available at local juice shops or restaurants which gives the consumers the feel of having freshly made authentic Indian beverages anytime anywhere. Brand is targeting millennials and Gen Z who are moving to metro cities or even outside India for education or job by giving them convenience of having their favorite foods & beverages anytime anywhere.. 

“Thank you to ah! Ventures for seeing my vision at this early stage and helping me in achieving the same. I want to make a global F&B brand providing authentic Indian drinks and dishes to the Indians around the world at utmost convenience with the same authentic taste, so they can cherish their favorite moments of joy with their colleagues, friends and family.", said Harshvardhan Chhatbar, Founder, Flistaa. He is excited to make a mark in the beverage space by creating new age brand through differentiated product proposition. 

“The Pandemic has also changed the places where people prefer to consume foods & beverages; they are now concerned about the hygiene issues at local juice shops and prefer having something at either home or office or while travelling. At Flistaa, we are trying to create the same experience you get at local juice shops, by providing the same products made with natural ingredients and in instant premix sachet format so that young Indians can have their favorite street drinks at their preferred places without compromising on health and hygiene. We are planning to come up with more such products in near future.”, Harshvardhan also added. 

“The Instant F&B space is a super exciting one. With increased consumption due to variety of products, focus on quality and affordability, we are sure this industry will continue seeing an upward trend. We are delighted to be a part of Flistaa’s journey and they surely will make a mark in this industry.", said Amit Kumar, Senior Partner, ah! Ventures.

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