Yoda launches its knowledge sharing app, a social network for visual and bite-sized learning

With bite-sized crisp and one-screen lessons, the Yoda app helps users acquire knowledge in no time via fascinating, creative pictures and infographics

National, 16 December 2020: The rise in on-demand digital content has brought an evident shift in consumer preferences leading to digital content consumption increasing at a resounding rate. In order to cater to this rise in demand, it is the need of the hour to curate content that is easy and quick to access/ consume with a creative interface that is highly engaging for its users. And when it comes to accessing content that is easy to understand, presenting information in the pictorial form is not only quick to consume but also improves retention as well. Taking forward this very thought, successful entrepreneurs Vineet Chirania, Amit Bansal, Amit Mishra, and Kanishk Mehta announce the launch of the Yoda app. Built as a knowledge-sharing visual platform, the app lets the creator and consumer exchange their knowledge with the help of images and info-graphs. 

This learning-oriented app offers useful content across topics like Business, Psychology, Politics, Entertainment, etc. and enables students and professionals to learn entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, history, science, mathematics, business, geography and much more within 20 seconds. What makes Yoda stand out from the rest is that the app conveys the information in a single-screen infographic. It helps the digitally-connected user to stay informed and updated about the current happenings and learn about them on-the-go be it while travelling or commuting to work.  

In addition to the visual appeal, the Yoda app ensures a high sense of authenticity as the info-graphs/ info-bites are thoroughly fact-checked by the Yoda expert team and are approved manually before it reaches out to the users. Connecting their entire user base together at the click of a button, the desired info-graphs can be liked, saved, and shared by the user and the user can also follow the creator if they like their content. Providing immense knowledge and value to the user, the android app received over 30,000 downloads and a rating of 4.7 in just a short span of 3 months since its soft-launch and garners 5000+ daily visits and 125000+ daily posts views. 

Speaking on the announcement, Co-Founder Vineet Chirania says, “The idea to introduce this learning app is to connect the world to interesting and useful information in the form of pictures. Pictures are the most captivating way to grab one’s attention and convey knowledge in a time where people are struggling to catch up on valuable content. Recognising the dwindling attention span among the masses, we intend to offer our users reliable bite-sized information with the help of graphics and text that will improve their knowledge about the world. ” 

Co-Founder Amit Bansal says, “A picture paints a thousand words is the simple idea behind the infobite model of learning. When you limit the space, the quality of content shoots up drastically as the creator has to relentlessly prioritise the information she wants to convey. In this process, the creator invests a great deal of efforts in structuring the information and deploying visuals strategically in order to land her point. What comes out as a result is a piece of art that is 10 times faster to consume and probably 100 times more retainable than a textually presented piece of information.” 

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