World's Fourth-largest Bitcoin Exchange Hacked in South Korea

The Bithumb Bitcoin exchange has been hacked, and billions of Won are said to have been stolen

According to reports, the Bithumb Bitcoin exchange in South Korea has been hacked, and billions of Won are said to have been stolen. It is the world's fourth-largest bitcoin exchange.

In a blog post, the company mentioned: "Some member's personal information was suspected to be an e-mail or mobile phone number leak. This accident was caused by an external infringement accident.

"It is independent of Bitsum's internal network, server and virtual wallet, and all members' original and virtual currency deposits are kept safe. In addition, personnel are expected to be greeted for violating security policies and neglecting their members. All of the employees of Bitsum are very aware of the responsibility for this case, and we will compensate you if you suffer financial damage due to this accident."

The country's Internet watchdog, Internet & Security Agency, is said to be investigating the attack.

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