WoodenStreet Plans To Resume Its Offices With A Reduced Capacity Of 25-30% Post-Covid-19 Lockdown

The startup also plans to spend $500K along with touch-free policies, virtual reality and sanitized supply chains

WoodenStreet, a custom furniture startup in its recent release announced its plans on its functioning post-Covid lockdown era. The startup plans to spend $500K to change its experience-based stores for the post-coronavirus pandemic. The plan includes a touch-free store policy, virtual reality and 3D services and sanitized supply chain. The company also has plans to resume its offices with a reduced capacity of 25-30%, allowing essential staff with social distancing and sanitization norms while others continue practising work-from-home.

The startup has been planning out a re-entry strategy, in the purview of cases of COVID-19 seem to be flattening out in few districts across the country. "Given how COVID-19 has virtually changed everyone’s behaviour and lifestyle, we want to assure customers of their safety and of our employees so that they feel confident in shopping,” said Lokendra Ranawat, WoodenStreet’s CEO. 

The startup is focussed on making shopping for furniture safer for customers, the strategy involves everything from daily store-wide sanitization and social distancing policies to virtual contact-less services on the website. The company will also use its VR module, launched in the previous quarter, which can be used directly from the customer's smartphone. 

With the good news of a decrease in the new cases, WoodenStreet plans to open its experience stores across green zones and relatively healthy areas. In the post-Covid era, customers would have to take appointments before visiting wherein arrangements will be done to entertain not more than 2 families to main social distancing. This will include temperature screenings, strict touch-free policy while maintaining distance. The customers will experience virtual store walkthroughs or products from within their homes through VR. 

The company is also planning to take strict social distancing and sanitization measures in terms of supply-chain as well. “COVID-19 presents a new avenue of change, where the new social norms cannot be taken lightly. Masks and social distancing are here to stay for the long run, and we are ready to embrace these norms”, said Ranawat.

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