Womenite - An Initiative to Revolutionize the Wrong Frameset of Our Society

Womenite is a Delhi based social organization working for the upliftment of the lives of the marginalized groups and other suppressed emotions in this patriarchal society.

Womenite was founded in January, 2015 by Harshit Gupta. Harshit was a second year engineering student back then, pursuing his B.Tech in IT from NSIT. From his childhood, he had seen his mother working day by day and sacrificing herself, succumbing to the patriarchal norms of the society. This is sadly the plight of most women even today. That is from where he got his inspiration. With the help of a few close friends and mind of an entrepreneur, he put together a student based initiative, Womenite, and decided to challenge and change the system.

The Womenite Family, consisting of around 35 young and enthusiastic students, works as a collective to bring about a ground level change in the society. The team holds workshops and seminars in different schools and other institutions to spread awareness about issues which are often ignored. The topics such as Sex Education, Child Sexual Abuse, Menstruation and its taboos are talked about. In this era, where crime against women are increasing by the day, every child needs to be aware about sexual aspects in order to be smart enough to neither commit nor be a victim of sex crimes. Womenite endeavours to do exactly the same. The team selects institutions and communities where the rate of education and literacy is very low. The primary aim of the team is to educate as many people as they can. Spreading awareness becomes easier when the lot is at least a bit literate and educated. Womenite has taken up projects in backward and remote communities to provide basic education to children and sometimes even women so as to promote a better community as a whole. These sessions have been majorly successful, especially the workshops in schools. Young girls had confided with the team about the crimes against them, regarding which action was initiated by the team and the crime was reported. Womenite has never failed to collect Thank Yous in form of hugs and tears, and spread happiness in form of smiles and again, tears.

This is what differentiated Womenite from the rest, they believe that their results can be best realised through the amount of change they have created in the society and the kind of trust that they have gained. The team id working to bring some real change is trying to break free from the shackled of this immensely patriarchal society. The USP of Womenite is the fact that young college students, along with professionals, are getting in touch with people of all communities and backgrounds that ensures awareness, sensitized education and financial independence.

Womenite does fund raising campaigns in order to generate funds for their projects. Selling of handicrafts made by women belonging to backward and remote areas was done which benefited both the not-so-financially-independent women and the Womenite team. Other campaigns such as the ‘Raddi Campaign’ were also done in order to raise funds. The team aims to start paid campaigns in schools in the future. This ensures both fund raising and awareness.

Womenite is working very hard to bring about a change in society. This is the reason why they like to call themselves the Change-Makers. The team who works as a family boasts of a series of successful events, organizing feminist fests and creating an equal and just society.

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