Wixty Inc(Parent Company of VideoVibe ) Takes It’s New Move Towards Acquiring The Christian Social Platform

The deal was done all in cash. Kingr was founded by Marco Rocha on 1st December 2015 with a cause to unite the Christians all across Brazil through real time interactions between them through this dating platform.

The leading Delhi based software company Wixty Inc, that just completed 4 successful  years of operation on 12th September, has taken its next move of acquiring Kingr, one of the leading dating platform for promotion of communication between the Christians of Brazil for 150k US dollars. The deal was done all in cash. Kingr was founded by Marco Rocha on 1st December 2015 with a cause to unite the Christians all across Brazil through real time interactions between them through this dating platform.

Kingr (, like other social networking apps, is a platform where people can create their profiles, make friends, chat with them, share their thoughts and connect on a better level. The features and functionality of the app is actually not new to the digital world today, but the concept and the cause of the app is quite unique and appreciable. The lavish gallery of apps that proves to be some of the top notch apps today cater to the needs of a huge diversity of people. Their users are not confined to a particular group or section of the society. They don’t target any particular niche of people, nor are they meant for a very specific cause. However, Kingr is an app that has got almost all of the functionalities that a social networking app must have and is made for the purpose of connecting Christians together through real time conversation via the app. With all these functionalities in the store and the focus on bringing together a particular group of people, this app provides a great platform for all those Christians in Brazil to connect with each other and build up a stronger community.

Kingr holds a record of getting 900 signups in the first few hours of its launching. Today, this platform has gained a wide popularity because of its best socializing features that helps connect all Christians in Brazil and its healthy content that is suitable and relevant to all its users. Currently the platform has 48000 users, out of which 20000 are daily active users. Moreover, this platform is recorded to have exchanged over 500000 messages between its various users.

The primary reason of acquiring Kingr as stated by the founder and CEO of Wixty, R Ranjan Sahoo is that the founder of Kingr, Marco Rocha and he shared somewhat similar visions to develop and promote the platform in order to connect more people and make a strongercommunity. Marco Rocha, who holds a technical background, was running the platform quite well and the kind of subscriber base they have earned in a span of one year is truly remarkable. However, he felt the need of taking the operations and the business model of the platform to the next levels with some external assistance. Subsequently, he joined hands with R Ranjan Sahoo, the founder of Wixty and mergedKingr as a child company under Wixty and accelerate its development exponentially. R Ranjan Sahoo has taken a great interest in the promotion and development of the platform and their vision is to connect more than 50 million Christians in Brazil through Kingr. This is like the second biggest reason of excitement for the Christian community in Brazil after the approaching Christmas celebration. Sharing his personal views on this decision, R Ranjan Sahoo states that better communication creates better bonds between people and technology is the strongest tool that can make communications not only faster but also better. And this dating site,Kingr provides a connecting medium for people where they can share their thoughts, communicate ideas, make friendships and thus unite in order to build a better community. This is what the primary goal behind the business model is. Marco, the founder of Kingr who used to look after the entire business model, would now act as the CTO of the company and would develop the platform technically in order to make it even more robust and useful for its users. R RanjanSahoo has taken over the responsibility of scaling the business model to the next levels.

After the acquisition of Kingr, Wixty is all set now to create the best development environment for it and grow it exponentially. The company have appointed the executive board of members for looking after the operations. Elishsa Priyadarshini, who is an ex-employee of Wipro and has worked there for four years, have been appointed as the new CEO of Kingr by R Ranjan Sahoo. She has been working with Wixty since last two years and has been looking after product marketing and development strategies. She is also the COO of Video Vibe, which is another product venture that belongs to Wixty itself.

Tom Sun, from Californiais appointed as the COO of the company. Tom Sun is also the founder of Kruella which is a great store for classy fashion wear. Originated in Los Angeles, Kruella delivers a new blend of class and elegance into the present era of fashion.

R Ranjan Sahoo has got long term plans for this project. He says that Christians doesn’t only reside in Brazil, but they do have their presence all over the world. So their next step and the future plan of promoting the platform would be to connect Christians from USA, UK, India and eventually from all over the world. This is quite noble a vision that can create a lot of difference in the way people are connected today. There are many Christian communities all across the globe that are unaware of one another. The main reason behind this is lack of proper communication between them. According to R Ranjan Sahoo, first comes the people and then the community. People as an individual are the building blocks of any community or union. What takes to make the community work is their strong internal bonding. People and their union builds the best communities. So, if people are well connected and socialised with each other, they can understand each other better and thus create great communities with strong bonding.  Acquiring and developing the Kingr platform thus has a very noble cause behind it which its founders are passionate about.

Apart from this, Wixty has also acquired some other platforms that are currently one of the leading platforms in the business world. Video Vibe, which is the very first venture of Wixty, is the best known youtube analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence to uncover hidden patterns and trends about their users. It is actually revolutionizing the scenario of video advertising and analytics platforms. This platform is more like a boon to business owners who often use advertising channels like youtube to promote their business. This venture of Wixty is handled by Elisha Priyadarshini who is appointed as the COO of Video Vibe.

Its not just the Video Vibe app that the company holds as their primary business model, but it has a lot of business apps that deal with varying domains of business. It has also got some awesome apps as their products that proves to be some of the mind blowing and revolutionary products in the industry.

Guestify is one such app that is designed for event professionals to create and manage their events efficiently. One can easily invite their friends, family and colleagues to events or special occasions through the app.

Kiddly is another mind blowing app that lets parents record their children’s special moments, their growth milestones and cherish and share them. The uniqueness of the app lies in the way it kills distance as a factor that loosens the bonds between families and spread the much required love.

Yet another app that Wixty has launched for a noble cause is Help Me Son. It is an app that is built for the purpose of helping the elderly section of the society who seldom get proper attention and care that they are supposed to get. Help me son, as a foundation helps these people lead better lives by providing them the required social support. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to expunge the fear and anxiety that most elderly people have and re-instil their minds with confidence.

Being one of the leading companies in the IT industry, and having a huge and reputed clientele, and running multiple business models while venturing in the varied domains of technologies, it is probably the best company to develop and promote a business model like Kingr. Having invested in numerous projects for social cause, like Help Me Son, Wixty is now all set to take the operations of Kingr dating platform that has been developed for bringing the Christians together. The kind of profile that the company holds, it is quite easy to predict that Kingr is going to have a bright future under it and would lead to become the largest social platform for Christians not only in Brazil, but all across the globe. This is what is also included in the long term vision of R RanjanSahoo as per his statement. 

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