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Why Organic Skincare Products Are Driving Current Market?

As we observe a shift in the demand globally the retailers have started giving a prominent location to organic and natural skin care products in their shops. There are various commercial shops that have completely shifted to natural and organic skin care products

In 2021, the global natural skin care market size was valued at USD 6.7 billion and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6 per cent from 2022 to 2030. Awareness is one of the primary factors that is driving the market growth, the consumers today understand the adverse effects of chemicals on their skin, such as irritation, redness, dullness, etc. The increasing awareness about the benefits of organic ingredient-based products has prompted customers to seek out eco-friendly, organic, and natural skin care products.

The boom of Organic Skin Care Brand Globally

Globally, people today are shifting towards healthier lifestyles as there are various concerns rising over synthetic and chemical products. Individuals across the world with any skin type are paying more attention to organic products than chemically made products. Due to this, there is an augmented growth observed in organic personal care products. Have you ever wondered, what drives customers to purchase products like face wash, cream, masks, shampoo, conditioners, hair oil, etc.? It is the words like ‘natural’, ‘organic, sulfate-free ’, ‘paraben-free’, ‘vegan’, ‘cruelty-free’, ‘no artificial preservatives, color, and fragrance’, or free from some harsh chemicals’ encourages consumers to buy skin care product. Consumers today are well-aware, conscious, and willing to invest in organic and natural products, which may be slightly expensive as compared to chemical products. Organic products are a little expensive as the organic ingredients that are used to make the products are costlier but they are the best for your skin health.

“Initially, 35 per cent of beauty care products used parabens, post increase in awareness the number has gone down by nearly seven points in the last few years. The beauty industry is extremely vast and hence there are still few brands selling products with parabens and many other undesirable synthetic/chemical ingredients. However, with more awareness consumers have started demanding natural and organic products, hence the brands that heavily focused on parabens are now the fastest shifting ones to paraben-free beauty products.” 

Organic personal care products are driving the current global market as consumers have now realized that these products are made of ingredients that are similar to the ones our bodies produce like antioxidants, amino acids, etc. As the products are made of natural ingredients, they promote skin health, and texture and enrich it from both outside and inside. Moreover, the sensitive skin easily gets irritated, turns red, and gets damaged when the chemicals are used often. It is easy to find natural alternatives to all synthetic/chemical skin products, whether you want to get rid of tan, pigmentation, dark spots, acne, wrinkles, aging, or want to achieve great and healthy skin. Organic skin care products work effectively because they are super kind to your skin. The organic products may take time to show results as they are organic in nature and do not include any chemicals, hence the outcome may take some time in the beginning but they are extremely safe and will maintain your skin health forever.

As mentioned in this article, consumers are now well-educated and well-informed. Hence, they now understand and demand natural as well as organic products that are non-toxic to the skin. Consumers nowadays are ready to spend more money if they believe in your product and the product gives them good results. Consumers believe in having a good beauty routine for healthy, happy and glowing skin.

With exposure to more data and information consumers now are very aware and are constantly hearing about new ingredients that they should be using/putting on their skin. In the last few years, consumers have started understanding the skin routine they should follow (CTTM) – Cleansing, Toning, Treatment and Moisturizing. The treatment might be new but is a very important step in the skin routine. Consumers have started using Serums, a treatment product that has multiple active ingredients for all their skin concerns. A good serum is a one-point solution as the formulation includes ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Retinol in one bottle, which is generally good for your skin health. The standard moisturizer and other face products only work on the top layer of skin, the epidermis. However, Serums absorb deeper into the skin and make more noticeable changes to other layers. That is why serums have quickly caught the attention of dermatologists, skincare enthusiasts, and also consumers.

As we observe a shift in the demand globally the retailers have started giving a prominent location to organic and natural skin care products in their shops. There are various commercial shops that have completely shifted to natural and organic skin care products and they have completely eliminated the chemically made products from their shelves. It has also been observed that consumers now are also inclined towards the concept of sustainability and want to invest in products that are eco-friendly. Consumers are interested in products that are sold in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. They prefer products that are safe for usage and are prepared with organic and/or natural things in and out.

The future of the organic skincare market: Factors driving its growth

The organic skincare market is evolving at a rapid speed. The global certification bodies – BDIH (Germany), EcoCert (France), and Bio Forum (Belgium) have recently pointed out that the organic skincare market is growing really fast and have also mentioned that India is emerging to be one of the strongest organic skincare markets. It is leading by surpassing even Japan and Korea in the Asian market.

There are various factors that are contributing to the growth of this industry. The growing consumer awareness, increasing disposable incomes, changing lifestyles, rising health, environmental concerns, and the concept of sustainability are expected to be the major factors that are driving the growth of organic skincare products in the APAC region, especially India. Consumers are ready to spend on products if they are organic and can naturally boost their skin health. Education, increasing awareness of organic products, the growing millennial population, and more working women are the other reasons contributing to the growth of organic skincare across the globe. Nevertheless, it is expected that the global organic skincare industry will grow and will have a promising future!

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