We are seeing growth across all our Stock Keeping Units: Rajeev Sehgal, Founder and Chairman for Xotik Frujus Pvt. Ltd.

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Rajeev Sehgal, Founder and Chairman for Xotik Frujus Pvt. Ltd. talks about the company, services during the lockdown, function post the pandemic and more

1.How did you manage your services/manufacturing during lockdown?

Manufacturing during the core lockdown period was paused as per government instructions. Post getting clarity on movement of goods, we helped our distribution partners at multiple locations in getting COVID-19 essential service passes to continue to service a disrupted supply chain. We ensured that our factory staff and workers continued to stay safe in Daman by providing them with immunity boosting nutritional food, safe & hygiene compliant work environment and regular health checks. With an assurance of salaries and health insurance covers, our sales team continued to stay strong with us. This eventually helped us in capitalising on the lockdown and come out of it stronger.

2.How has your company been adjusting to the new-normal?

We have taken various steps to ensure that the supply chain gets restored to pre-covid efficiency. While marketplaces have now opened up across the country, during the lockdown we quickly opened another channel to directly reach our consumer in the form of an e-shop and got listed on various e-commerce platforms. Today we are listed on Amazon, Dmart, Bigbasket, dealshare and many more such online marketplaces. 

3.Have you witnessed any major changes in the business/sector in the post Covid scenario?

During the lockdown, we saw a shift in consumption patterns - most of our consumers were now interested in bigger family packs. Consequently, we increased our focus on the same. Since the lockdown has been lifted and after a initial clearance of pent up demand we are seeing growth across all our SKUs

4. How is your company supporting employees during this pandemic? Have you undertaken any specific activities to boost employee wellness and well-being?

We have ensured that all our employees have medical insurance covers which is a must in times like these. When there was a shortage of masks and sanitizers, we procured additional supplies and distributed them to our employees specially to the frontline sales team members. At our production plant in Daman which is also company owned, we assured and convinced the factory staff and workers to stay in Daman and also took the initiative to provide them special meal which was rich in nutrients and helps in building good immunity. Once the production re started we took all measures as per the guidance from various government authorities to ensure and maintain highest quality standards

5. How much loss company has suffered in this pandemic?

Due to the disrupted supply chain, we did see a substantial dip in our revenue in April 2020. But we had enough stocks, an active sales team and operational distribution partners in most markets. Therefore, we were able to get back on track by the end of Q1 and saw a growth of 25% in Q2.

6. Have you resumed your office operations? What are the various precautionary measures you have undertaken, or you will undertake to ensure safety of your employees?

We are currently operating in the work from home format and yet to resume full scale office operations. 

7. Have you managed to recover from the losses?

While recovery from the slow and heavily impacted Q1 (Mar to May) is still on track it is not completed. We have seen growth and stabilisation of sales in the subsequent quarter.

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