Visitor Management System, Veris Plans to go Global by the End of 2018

Within a short span of one year, the team has clocked a gross booking of nearly 3 Crore. Our current marquee customers include more than fifteen large enterprises like E&Y, Mercedes Benz, Interglobe, Royal Bank of Scotland, CBRE, Lava Mobile, Bharti etc.

Veris is a Visitor Management Software Suite created by Digicred Technologies, a company established by three young entrepreneurs who were positively inspired by their frustration. Veris helps establishments of various sizes get rid of passé visitor log-books and manage premise access in a secure, seamless and super-fast way. It is a mobile & cloud based modular software that empowers millennials via interactive apps to enable a smart digital workplace.

Be it an office space, a commercial building, a manufacturing unit, a school, hospital or a residential society, Veris has found acceptance across all sectors.

It’s in the DNA of every Indian to make guests feel welcomed and at home. ’Atithi Devo Bhavah’ is a famous phrase in Hindi that means ’A guest is equivalent to God’- Veris takes this cultural legacy to a whole new level! Their modular application suite helps establishments always keep their doors open. They built a host of workflows crafted to:

- Secure every facility with digital documentation & validation of visitor and employee information

- Offer customisable workflows with the click of a button

- Enable Business Process Automation to increase efficiency and reduce costs

- Ensure a red carpet welcome for all visitors

BW Disrupt interacts with Vaibhav Jain, Co-Founder & Vice President- Product & Operations, Veris and spoke to him

What makes this particular concept different? Are there competitors? If yes, how do you stand out?

Veris offers much more than just Visitor Management. It is an interactive suite of solutions which addresses the needs of an organisation regarding Scheduling, Workspace utilisation & Access Management. High configurability, integration flexibility, ease of deployment, simplicity of use & impeccable support service sets us apart from all our competitors.

Since inception, give us a sense of the value of business done by your venture? What is the current turnover?

Within a short span of one year, the team has clocked a gross booking of nearly 3 Crore. Our current marquee customers include more than fifteen large enterprises like E&Y, Mercedes Benz, Interglobe, Royal Bank of Scotland, CBRE, Lava Mobile, Bharti etc.

What is the revenue model?

Our model is a mix of SAAS subscription, hardware commissioning, customization and integrations, and app based revenue.

Who are the consumers that you are targeting with the innovation? How is this going to affect them?

Managing visitor access is historically time-consuming, costly and error-prone, potentially compromising security. Receptionists who are reliant on logbook-based visitor management systems can become overloaded and miss vital steps when receiving a sudden influx of visitors. And while many computer-based visitor management systems have automated most tasks, their inability to integrate with a sites existing security management system or with government databases for validation, leaves potential security gaps.

Be it an office space, a commercial building, a manufacturing unit, a school, hospital or a residential society, Veris has found applications across all sectors. Veris has found maximum traction in large offices and multi-tenant facilities. Veris helps reduce a host of coordination efforts in an efficient, cost-effective manner while safeguarding the warmth of human interactions. The Veris ecosystem consists of the Veris Terminal that sits at a facility reception area for entrants to check in, the Veris User app for entrant pre-registration, access codes & superfast check-ins, and the Veris Dashboard for admin teams to keep a bird’s eye view on visitor/ employee movement. Following is the extensive feature-set that Veris offers:


Smart Rules: a way to adapt the series of check-in screens based on visitor’s answers.

Express Check-in: To make check-in even faster, QR codes are included in visitors’ invitation emails

Multiple Locations: Whether a facility has more than one door to the building or multiple offices around the world, they can use one single Veris account to manage them all.

Multiple Tenants: Share a building with other companies? With the same invite, guests can check in at the facility premise, Facility Lobby and the Office Reception, creating a seamless experience at every step.

Recurring Visits: Capture visitor information for express check-in of returning visitors


Customisation: Make the check-in process reflect the brand's identity. Companies can choose their colours, upload their logos and background images, and personalise the text on every screen.

Visitor Recognition: Show the visitors that you’ve been expecting them. Have their name appear on the screen as they check in. They feel reassured that they’re on your list and their visit is off to a good start.

Instant Pictures: Visitors can take their picture directly with the iPad. The photo is printed on their badge and is saved in the company's address book. It can also be sent to the host so she/he recognises his guest easily.

Send helpful notifications: Make sure the visitors feel confident about finding the building. Veris allows sending them an email invitation with a map, directions, PDF attachments, parking instructions, wifi links and your phone number to reach you if they’re late.


Capture relevant information: Capture visitor photograph, scan govt. ID, NDA signing and capture any desired information for security purpose

Biometric Integration: The suite offers the latest in biometric integration- for modern security

Sign-out notifications: Hosts can be notified when visitors check out. That way they know their visitors aren’t snooping around.

Emergency Notifications: Send a text message to all visitors in the building in just one tap. By sending a message directly to visitors’ phones, one can be sure that they are notified as quickly as possible.

Visitor Agreement: Visitors sign company agreements (NDA etc.) or health and safety instructions as they check in. With all visitors aware of safety and confidentiality rules, the facilities and data are safer.

G) Watch List: Manage in-house or third-party watch lists and make sure the right people are    notified by email or text message when someone from the list enters your building.

What is the potential of growth?

We are entering a new era of employee-facing technologies. More cloud deployments and enhanced digital dexterity within the workforce will generate a significant competitive advantage for the organizations using them most effectively. As per Gartner Report 2016, next 5 years would see a disruptive shift and swift adoption of innovative tools for making the workplace smart and interactive.

Where did the initial capital for the innovation come? What returns does it have?

We are Seed funded by friends & family. Over a period of next 5 years, we intend to share a 100X return.

Are you looking for funds? If yes, how do you plan to allocate the funds?

Currently on the lookout for a Series A to the tune of USD 5 Million. The fresh capital will help us expand our geographical footprint and also boost our product innovation. We aim to quickly adapt to digital trends by use of advanced technology like Face Recognition, iBeacons and AI based pattern recognition for highly secure and future ready deployments.

Organization (team) growth and the scale of operations?

As soon as Vaibhav started tossing around the idea of starting a company, he was inundated with advice from everyone. Some of it was invaluable, but some he chose to ignore—namely, the advice to never go into business with friends. Fortunately for him, his friends & family believed in him. Vaibhav with his product vision reached out to Anoop and later to Aastha. Now, none of them can imagine it any other way. Today, they are a team of nearly 15, all young, all passionate and all working for a common goal! Today team Veris seamlessly manages over 300,000 visitors across 350 terminals.

What challenges did you face when you were starting out?

Being ahead of the market was the biggest challenge they faced. Indian establishments were far from realising the need for an effective solution.  Some early adopters of Veris gave these young promoters the confidence to reach business alchemy. Insightful feedback, constant efforts around product improvement, extremely responsive service levels in spite of being bootstrapped helped them grow phenomenally in just a matter of 12 months. They kept a close eye on market needs and adapted to the gap as quickly as they could. In the meantime, facility management industry also started embracing the SaaS world helping them reach a product/market fit.

Future plans

We plan to go global by the end of 2018!

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