VDO.AI Providing AdTech Innovative Solutions Across CTVs And OTTs

"We are an innovation-led catalyser of growth playbook for publishers and advertisers. We are dedicated to making a long-term change and creating a positive force in the Adtech industry," Amitt Sharma, Founder and CEO, VDO.AI states while sharing his insights on the current industry trends

VDO.AI is a global advertising technology innovator and disruptor that helps businesses overcome the lacuna of consumer attention through intelligent and laser-targeted solutions. We have evolved into a growth engine for both our publishers and advertisers. For publishers, we offer monetization management across CTV/OTT and Web solutions. Our formats help them bring income and page views simultaneously, owing to an unparalleled user experience, contextual NLP engine, and a premium demand marketplace. This is accomplished by linking them with advertisers and brands through creative products - Native Engaging Video Unit, Recirculation Unit, and Stories Ads and Mobile Ads Unit among others. Our solutions for advertisers offer innovative products such as 3D impact creative units, conversational intelligence in ads, and CTV advertising.

Our role is to create a sophisticated reader path that encourages engagement and profitability. We create a rich and analytical Advertiser Dashboard that artificially and artistically develops the greatest creative assets, assists the clients in managing them, and analyses the comparative performance.

1. How are you different from the existing competitors? Explain its USPs?

AdTech is a relatively new industry that is gaining traction. The AdTech ecosystem creates a feedback mechanism between advertising supply and revenue-generating demands by analyzing user data activity. We are continuously creating new solutions, despite having established our foothold in the domestic and overseas markets. As a result, we currently have no direct competitors or entry hurdles.

We envision a world where everything is technologically enabled. We aspire to elevate millions of users with our powerful technology, driven by our passion for outgrowing current technology and our penchant for innovation. We have evolved into a growth engine for both our publishers and advertisers. 

2. What are the challenges you face in running your business?

Our publishers were plagued by the challenges of increasing bounce rates and consequently, lower income generation, despite high investments in Google Banner Ads. The power of video and premium advertising through VDO.AI helped them generate profitable revenues throughout the year while maintaining a high website engagement ratio.

We also realized that multiple advertisers appeared to be concerned about the lack of creative support, creative resources, inadequate insights, and dialogues. That’s where we stepped in to enable the advertisers to track their spending not just on digital media, but also on OTT/CTV channels. They were able to get complete control over impression goals, delivery speed, and frequency capping across all platforms as a result of this through our global standard AI mechanism. Our Creative Intelligence Technology solved the lack of dialogue problem by allowing users to immediately connect with the creative by clicking on the advertiser's chat icon, which was intelligently positioned on the creative.

3. What has been the most significant learning so far?

By evaluating user data activity, the AdTech ecosystem develops a feedback loop between advertising supply and revenue-generating demands. We also saw that a number of advertisers were concerned about the lack of creative help, creative resources, and insufficient insights and discussions. That is where we assisted the advertisers to track their spending on both digital and Over the top (OTT) /Connected TV (CTV) channels. Our Creative Intelligence Technology addressed the issue of lack of discussion by allowing users to connect with the creative right away by clicking on the advertiser's chat icon, which was strategically placed.

Our role is to design a sophisticated reader journey that promotes engagement and profit. For them, we developed a rich and analytical Advertiser Dashboard that automatically and aesthetically develops the best creative assets, supports them in managing them, and compares performance.

4. What is the market opportunity currently? Where is Adtech as a sector headed?

With a domestic market opportunity at $100 billion and the global opportunity pegged at $10 trillion, we, at VDO.AI, assist in the creation of valuable information for viewers and the generation of new revenue streams for publishers and companies, alike.

The pandemic caused a paradigm shift in content consumption, prompting advertisers, publishers, and marketers to concentrate their ad budgets on the CTV business and anticipate its acceptance. By the end of 2023, linear addressable TV ad spending is forecasted to surpass $4 billion annually. According to some survey, 45% of marketers increased their CTV ad spending in the 2021, and 91% plan to keep or increase their CTV ad budget in the coming year, according to the report.

As a result, publishers, advertisers, and marketers in the CTV business are prioritizing their efforts in ad campaigns. Our passion for our main goal of innovating advertising experiences gives us the impetus to step outside of our comfort zone and create revolutionary solutions. As a result, our business model, which formerly focused on website monetization and creative intelligence, now focuses on OTT/CTV Advertising in light of current trends and advances. We have successfully partnered with Foodpanda in Thailand to serve their OTT needs.

5. What are your short-term as well as long-term plans?

We are an innovation-led catalyser of growth playbook for publishers and advertisers. We are dedicated to making a long-term change and creating a positive force in the Adtech industry. Our main agenda is to empower publishers by utilizing the power of engaging units and allowing premium advertisers to access their content. 

With over 150 employees across three continents and a 4:6 male/female ratio, our team brings a diverse set of skills and backgrounds to the task of creating goods for the future. We have always been an organization that thinks outside the box. 

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