Top Four No-Code Platforms 2021

Due to covid-19, businesses are shifting their business modules towards online tools in the fear of scarcity of technical staff and shrinking IT budgets.

Using no code platforms, it allows individuals to indulge in the creativity zone without having the knowledge of programming skills and helps to understand the business problems. Further no code platforms help organisations to quickly build business solutions in a matter of days when disruption or business changes occur untimely, no-code also helps in reducing the time and the cost of the ownership which helps in improving business margins.  

Today the speed of application development using no code platforms is upto 10 times faster than traditional development methods. Due to covid-19, businesses are shifting their business modules towards online tools in the fear of scarcity of technical staff and shrinking IT budgets. With the use of no-code platforms, it satisfies the need for rapid development applications. Below are the Top four No-code platforms:


Hubbler is helping businesses to convert their complex data into a web or mobile application literally overnight. It empowers organisations to become digital, offer template apps across industries like Automotive, IT, Retail, Hospitality, Facilities Management. It helps in businesses building custom apps to solve their unique business challenges with respect to work flow. Instead of burning tech resources for days to develop an application, Hubbler makes it possible to develop and deploy applications in a few days/hours, without the need of any tech resource. This helps businesses save huge on time, cost and resources.The platform has the capability to develop any kind of application to suit the need. Some of the existing customers have used the platform to create apps like lease management, expense management, pre/post-paid billing system, bid management, procure to pay solutions, HRMS, fieldforce management, etc.

Zoho Creator:

Zoho Creator is a cloud software to create custom applications on your own without any prior coding experience or IT expertise. Zoho Creator's drag-and-drop interface enables you to create custom business applications in days rather than weeks. You can collect data, automate business processes or workflows, analyze the data in reports, and collaborate with your application users.

Appy Pie:

Appy Pie is one of the world’s leading cloud based mobile app builder, which promises a comprehensive no-coding solution rather than the development of merely an app. Appy Pie has one clear vision – democratizing technology and making it possible for every business owner of all size and scale to embrace and integrate cutting edge technology to grow their business.


forBinary helps you create smart, engaging & multilingual mobile app, without any coding in 15 min. It also provides a clean and organised CMS platform, this platform helps you connect with your audiences, improve your core process and automate your work.The USPs of the platform include vernacular languages, offline-first modus operandi and local integrations.

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