To Make an Impact, Entrepreneurs Require Patience and Perseverance

Success makes you passive whereas failures invoke action. That’s why the 21-year-old authorpreneur Dhruv Avdhesh thought to write a book titled ‘Celebrating Failure’ to learn important lessons of failure.

To Make an Impact, Entrepreneurs Require Patience and Perseverance
To Make an Impact, Entrepreneurs Require Patience and Perseverance
To Make an Impact, Entrepreneurs Require Patience and Perseverance
To Make an Impact, Entrepreneurs Require Patience and Perseverance

“Failure is something inevitable; If we want to achieve something in life than we have to exponentially increase our failure rate. For those who have an open mind for new ideas, who seek to create long lasting success, the book offers you a challenge,” says Author(preneur) Dhruv Avdhesh who has recently penned down a book titled ‘Celebrating Failure’.

Avdhesh likes to be called a startup entrepreneur as “my book is my startup!”


Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration, like most of us, is Steve Jobs. I am personally very interested in Product Design and I haven’t seen anybody so elegantly doing it like Steve about whom I have read a lot. Simple is the new complex!

You are very young to write a book on failures. Why this book now?

I am 21 now. It was at the end of the second semester that I took my first full time internship and soon the company with which I was interning shut. One day, I just returned from work and I received this mail that my internship is over since I lack talent, I have low productivity and I am unable to produce desired results. I was very shattered as I was the one who had built their tech systems. Soon I came across a quote by Bill Gates, "It's fine to celebrate success, but it's more important to heed the lessons of failure." Success is something passive whereas failure is something that invokes further action. That is exactly why, I thought why not spread the idea of "Celebrating Failure" through a book.

What motivates you?

It is said that you are an average of five people that you spend your most time with. So, I have a close bunch of friends who are always there to inspire and motivate me.

What is your advice to the young entrepreneurs?

My advice to the young entrepreneurs would be, first to follow curiosity instead of passion. Secondly, they should stay true to their mission and vision. This is something that will help them not to quit midway and will help them to bounce back when they hit rock bottom. Thirdly, in this fast paced world, everybody wants to make an impact and that too instantly; and people especially young entrepreneurs tend to forget that making an impact requires patience and perseverance amongst other ingredients. Last but not the least obviously, to celebrate failure.

What is the next subject you would like to write on and why?

The next subject is titled (I.N.D.I.A.) 71. It is a record-breaking attempt to honour 71 years of unity in diversity and to give a platform to a group of thoughtful Indians to voice their opinions on this vibrant landmass through a book. So, this time instead of 10 people my able friend Rohan Thapar and I are getting on board 71 individuals from different fields to write an anthology which will break a Guinness World Record.

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