The Walnut School of Ideas- A 21-day Online Certification Course For Creative Souls

Walnut school of ideas is an online school of transformation that proffers online Training, internship and job module that aims to empower creative students large and small with their easy-use, easy-to-manage, customizable courses and secure internship opportunity

If you plant a walnut you are planting it for your grandchildren, and who cares a damn for his grandchildren?”

Creativity has no boundaries. A human brain has the apocalypse to touch the raw nerve in you. They linger around, from dawn to dusk just for the sake of a perfect click, that click which can awestruck anyone. A scriptwriter burns the midnight oil for nurturing his visionary character. The Pandora of creativity pulls the waves of emotions high deep inside your heart.

Walnut school of ideas is an online school of transformation that proffers online Training, internship and job module that aims to empower creative students large and small with their easy-use, easy-to-manage, customizable courses and secure internship opportunity. It has acquired a niche for itself as a center of advanced learning for transfiguring your innate passion into the pinnacle of professionalism. Perhaps, they have hit the market records by remarkable creativity, passion and intensity of dedication to make every student reach the ladder of success.

At Walnut school of Ideas, one can enroll himself for a 21-day online certification course to equip with the best of skills that are profoundly at par international standards. The rigorous trajectory aims to elevate the armature into a pro and eventually transcend him as a Mozart in the professional space.

We watch a cinema, vintage or contemporary, action or romantic alluding eclectic prodigies of sensibilities, but have you ever wondered about the number of sleepless nights that have been leveraged for creating the Elizabethan lyrics, that dominates your lips for a few days or have flickered to gaze the sweat of one's brow? The mentors have realized the artistic syndrome with their extensive years of experience and have vermilion for being the world's first Creative Institution that expertise in providing Online Creative Training and on-field paid internship/work opportunities for interested Cinematographers, Script Writers, Photographers, Directors, Musicians, and Actors.

Now, six months of on-field internship with some of the veterans are surely the cherry on the top. One come across with the real time working of inventive pursuits to equip himself with the required set of skills and most importantly to unearth the zeal to obscure wisdom. This effective combination surely gives an upper edge to students when they are exposed to the dark side of the fanatical world.

Manifesting the team that propels this visionary idea, some of the flamboyant minds like Dr. Nikhil Chandwani (Cofounder, CEO); a travel director who has authored 4 books and has been recognized as the Global Indian of the year for his contributions to the writing and direction field and Mr. Dinesh Chandwani (Cofounder, CFO); a Queensland University graduate who had previously worked as the lead business manager for a restaurant chain in Australia, to foster the financial space and profoundly maintain the cash flows. The experienced advisory team includes some of the exuberant experts like John Coachman; celebrity host, Abhinaba Ghosh; a research associate at Cambridge School in the United Kingdom etc.

A workshop is a pioneer prodigy to profess the veracity of an effective curriculum. Walnut School of Ideas recognizes the need, and perpetually conduct workshops on a regular basis for its students. Lately, they have recently concluded the one in the city of dreams, or more precisely to say; in the city where Bollywood is throned, Mumbai. Moreover, The Walnut is in exponential motion with the crew that has worked with Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson and designing vibrant workshops in different cities and colleges in India to empower the mentorship and eventually create professionals out of the passionate Creative Heads.

Actors, Musicians, Cinematographers, Writers, Directors, Photographers, and Bloggers are now finding it easy to connect and work with the experts in their field through the certification course by The course is backed by major production ventures who are actively seeking talents through The Walnut. The walnut does not have active classrooms as the teaching is online. But, after the course, students get paid internship to work and learn under the experts from their field. This type of education is first of its kind in Creative Field and no other University is currently involved in such dimensions.

Supremely, The Walnut has got some of the best placements for its students, with a row of pre-placement offers at the door. The atmosphere chills the nerve when Even The Fear of Words,'Dyslexia' has a solution. Siddharth, a dyslexia diagnosed patient enrolled himself at the school. His passion for writing was strong. He enrolled with them and things went north for him. He was finally able to write his first book, Figmented Reality which was published by Leadstart Publishers, traditionally. Not only this, Ritesh Verma; a 21 aged filmmaker and a distinguished student of Walnut got his work nominated in the LA short Film Festival for his conceptual analysis of bullying. He was awarded as the best director at LA Short Film Festival and his career is on a roll now. He became the youngest ever director to win an award at LA Short Film Festival. In a series of such testimonies,; an online fashion blog portal elevated by two ordinary engineering students Sanyukta Rajkhowa and Sherry Peter from VIT University, Vellore, not so academically sound to compete in the world of smart and ruthless people, who came up with an idea to pursue their passion as their career and eventually their vague proposition transformed into a dynamic Fashion Blog.

Like the generic crowd, they also realized halfway through Engineering that pursuing it further won’t be an acceptable choice and hence they conceptualized to diversify into this. They started with a blog and an Instagram page as a basis for reaching out to the mass and getting organic likes. The Walnut is bestowed to provide those visionaries with a platform to showcase their talent by defining the right directions and helping them strategies contemporary acquisition techniques. Believe us, they’re doing exquisite in deploying some of the most classic cum vintage dressing parody.

The count of such success stories is witnessing an endless go at Lines can be written, paragraphs can be phrased after one another to illuminate the value addition that they are adjourning by the awesome team so far. Their spirit of innovating in a creative and customized space, a great team support is something that adds feathers to the success cap so far and times to come.

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