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The author is Chairman, Cambridge Technology. He is an equity investor in technology, infrastructure, real estate, energy, logistics and hospitality. Aashish was one of the co-founders of Cambridge/Samsung Partners, one of the earliest independent venture capital firms in Boston in 1996 in partnership with Samsung of Korea

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The Convergence of Big Data and AI is Coming – Here’s What That Means

This transformation is the biggest the world has ever seen since the industrial revolution nearly 250 years ago.

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The world will be transformed by the convergence of Big Data and Cloud. And it will be converged by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This transformation is the biggest the world has ever seen since the industrial revolution nearly 250 years ago.

The terms AI and ML have been discussed for decades. But the convergence of Big Data and Cloud with AI and ML making the convergence happen is real now for three reasons. One, computing resources available today are exceptional. With access to cloud technologies like AWS and Microsoft Azure, computing power is no longer a constraint. Two - better availability of high bandwidth has positively impacted accessibility. And three, access to large volumes of unstructured and structured data is changing the information landscape at our disposal.

Big Data fueled by AI and Machine Learning is the next natural resource, like air and water. Count yourself lucky to be alive to witness the single largest technological revolution.

The first signs of this transformation will be seen in sectors like Lifesciences where the use of transformative technologies to understand the complexities that arise from the combination of a variety of data from areas like plants and animal genomics could reveal completely different approaches to treatment of diseases. Deciphering the human genome that took 10 years to process, can now be accomplished in less than seven days. 

As businesses start to communicate in exabytes, Data Infrastructure is another sector that will leapfrog this transformational growth. By 2020, transactions on the internet will reach 450 billion per day and enterprise-generated content will exceed 240 billion gigabytes daily, thereby increasing the need for Information Management in areas like Data storage, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Compliance Reporting and Risk Management.

According to Gartner, by 2020, customers will be able to manage 85 percent of the interactions with an enterprise without human intervention. Evidently, Big Data powered by AI and Machine Learning is transforming the way businesses are defined, designed and delivered and enterprise value is captured.

The convergence of Big Data and Cloud powered by AI and Machine Learning will define industries, both new ones and old, transforming data into a valuable knowledge asset and a catalyst for disruption. Every human life and business in this world will be transformed with this disruption and millions of transformative businesses will be created.

The result will be a brave new world nothing like the old world we left behind.

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