Technology And Unicorns: The Unbreakable Bond

With India churning unicorns, a lot of credit goes to the rapid adoption of tech-driven solutions

It is not a new fact that technology has taken over the world, especially the startup space. With India churning unicorns by the day, a lot of credit goes to the rapid adoption of tech-driven solutions. 

Recognising this fact, BW Businessworld organised a panel on ‘How Tech Ecosystems Can Be Successful In Attracting Tomorrow's Unicorns', as a part of a panel discussion at BW Disrupt 40 under 40 founders' forum. The panel witnessed eminent speakers like Roman Saini, co-founder, Unacademy, Ankit Kedia, founder, Capital A, and Neeraj Khandelwal, co-founder, Coin DCX. The moderation was carried out by Urvi Shrivastav, Editorial Lead BW CFO, BW Businessworld. 

“Unacademy is a completely online platform  if we depend on online infrastructure to get an education, it will take another 50-60 years before last-mile delivery happens.” Noted Saini, asserting the importance of online education.

Raising funding is another aspect startups have to work on. Given the tech boom, especially in the last two years, this has become online too. However, it is not a substitute for an in-person meeting. Talking about this issue, Kedia said, “At Capital A we have made 14 investments, and none of them was made without meeting in person.” Establishing a rapport with the person is extremely important before one takes the leap of faith and makes an investment.  

The challenges associated with technology are related more to the pandemic than anything else. Talking about this issue, Khandelwal noted, “There are challenges pertaining to the mental health of people, especially when you are sitting on your device across hours. Also, things like brainstorming do not happen online.”

While technology is here to stay, it comes with its challenges, pros, and cons.

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