Syncremedies to Come up with 20+ Powered Clinics in 3 Cities

With treatment plans encapsulating diet, medication and exercise Syncremedies, takes a holistic approach to an individual’s well being.

Syncremedies was started to address an important concern of patients with chronic disease – what is the best treatment to their ailment? Patients today choose treatments and therapies on here-say and without fully understanding the impact they have on clinical outcome. BWDisrupt spoke to Dr. Arjun Rao (CEO) and Ms Pooja Prakash Rao (COO) of Syncremedies, to know more about their businessmodel:-

They had started the company in July of 2016, it is a boot-strapped/ self funded company which generates revenue through the consultation fees collected from patients as well as the referral discounts received from its partners.

BW:Tell us about the startup idea and how you started with it?
Unfortunately, the lack of structured resources to help patients make informed decisions on the most effective treatment does not exist resulting in a haphazard approach to choosing the “right” form of medicine to treat their ailments.

India faces a huge problem related to deaths due to chronic diseases. In 2010 it was 53% and increasing to 67% by 2030. Syncremedies is here to help treat and manage chronic disease in the most effective manner. The issue under the current healthcare model is that all forms of medicine operate in their own silos while patients are seeking the “most effective” way to treat their ailment. That’s where Syncremedies fits in!!

BW: What are the key services provided by your startup?
Syncremedies Integrated Medicine Consultation is a unique service that brings TOGETHER three forms of medicine (allopathy, ayurveda and homeopathy) under one roof thereby offering patients with “the best” of each modality to treat their concern. Patients can avail these services online as well as offline at clinics near them. With treatment plans encapsulating diet, medication and exercise Syncremedies, takes a holistic approach to an individual’s well being. Our scope extends from preventive care to wellness to therapy and second opinions.

Currently, Syncremedies conducts an average of one consultation per day. We are actively opening new channels for patient acquisition and expect to see 3500 consultations in the next 12 months.

BW: What are your future plans for growth?
We aspire to grow exponentially over the next 12 months with 20+ Syncremedies Powered Clinics in Bangalore, 5+ each in Pune and Hyderabad. In addition, we are exploring international markets (UK and US) to provide our tele-consultations to patients there.

We focus on localized marketing for brand awareness and direct marketing to specific channels to increase patient acquisition. We are significantly growing in building our presence online via social media and digital marketing.
Our biggest challenge is to create awareness on the importance of integrated medicine and drive behaviour change among patients.

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