StyleDotMe Launches Augmented Reality Tech Platform 'mirrAR' for Jewellery

Plans to further expand mirrAR technology usage to other segments such as eyewear, makeup and apparels for a 21st century shopping experience

Fashion tech startup, StyleDotMe has launched a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality (AR) tech platform for jewellery called mirrAR. Shoppers can now try jewellery on digital platforms of client brands, including iPads installed at various locations, without actually having to wear the pieces and get instant fashion advice from experts, bloggers and influencers around the world. The AR tech is integrated with their fashion advice platform that enables users to get real-time advice.

The technology will help jewellery brands increase their reach, enabling easy checkouts through providing shoppers more product options, ability to see multiple jewellery pieces on themselves in quick succession and get instant advice on the fashion look by experts. For jewellery brands, it helps to generate leads and sell products by making them just-in-time which was unheard of before in this industry.

Akhil Tolani, CTO of StyleDotMe said, “Augmented reality is a new way to use technology that will transform the way you perform everyday tasks. Using our patent pending breakthrough in computer vision, we are able to provide an unprecedented experience in real time virtual jewellery try-on.”

In the current technology, StyleDotMe plans to make further extensions to support predictive analytics, machine learning and big data applications to provide actionable insights for optimizing inventory costs, a major growth bottleneck in the industry.

Starting with PCJeweller as their first client, the company has rolled out mirrAR with other marquee jewellery brands in a short period of time. These includes, Farah Khan Jewellery, House of Surana, Chungath Jewellery and Amrapali to name a few. The platform help brands to showcase their complete inventory to customers across all stores, which further leads to reduction in inventory and carrying costs.

Further, Farah Khan Jewellery and House of Surana are taking this technology to reputed exhibitions like the Vogue Wedding Show without having to bring the entire inventory at the exhibition. Customers can use the app on the iPads installed at these locations to virtually try on every item in the collection.

Farah Khan Ali, CEO of Farah Khan Jewellery added, “I was totally fascinated by the AR technology that Meghna showed me because it is user friendly and allows the customer to see products in 3D without having the actual inventory in stock. It is very well designed and makes it easier to choose designs for the client as well as facilitates our presentation much better.”

StyleDotMe has raised funds from the Indian Angel Network and is in discussions with multiple investors for the next round of funding. Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder has been a mentor and advisor to StyleDotMe from their initial days.

The company plans to open zero-inventory stores at airports, shopping areas etc. to boost footfalls at stores through outdoor marketing activations, get customer insights through user profiling and extend customer value chain through multichannel retail solutions. The startup is launching its own consumer facing platform where shoppers can try-on jewellery from multiple brands from around the world with the click of a button using the mirrAR platform. Jewelers will have access to a larger audience without increasing their spending on inventory and marketing to reach new customers.

From starting with an idea of getting instant fashion advice through their platform, to having content curation to now real time AR tech, StyleDotMe is looking to become the one-stop solution to anything fashion. The company further plans to take this technology to eyewear, makeup and apparels for a new age shopping experience.

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