StudyMonitor - An App That Tracks Your Kids’ Progress in Real-time

STUDY Monitor® is a real time mobile app that can be downloaded by students, teachers and parents.

The launch of 'Study-monitor' by a Hyderabad based start-up, Yitsol Technologies, has created a ripple in the education sector. It is an app that tracks the live location of kids on their parents’ smartphone, when kids are in their school premises.

STUDY Monitor® is a real time mobile app that can be downloaded by students, teachers and parents. It is also available as a fully integrated online web application that can track attendance and can be used anytime. Parents can keep track of their children’s whereabouts just by the tap of a button. It’s integrated RFID & CCTV monitoring system can track students in real-time, whether in the school bus or in the classroom, thereby giving a peace of mind to both the parents and the teacher. STUDY Monitor® helps integrate the existing schools’ solution which enhances the capabilities of their education system.This aids the school’s management system to configure their day-to-day activities along with planning for the entire year, in advance.

“The idea behind creating Studymonitor is to provide a safe, easy and cost-effective communication platform for the school administration, teachers, kids, and parents. Studymonitor lets you know where your kids are on real-time and makes it very easy to have direct information about the school activities,"said Mr. NareshChallagulla, founder of Studymonitor. He further added in a statement that,“Parents, students and teachers can also keep a track of all the school assignments, syllabi, daily time-table, communication with parents & school staff, progress reports and student performance, using this smart app. Thereby, we take up your added work while you focus on students’ academic growth”.

They have tied up with schools in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag and many other cities, with a parent base of over 100,000 individuals, using these services.

Team STUDY Monitors’ vision is to bring in a modern approach to the educational framework by going digitalized from that of the conventional education system. This application replaces all school management practices into one single dashboard, using this user-friendly model.

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