Shipway : Empowering eCommerce Companies By Providing 100+ Courier Tracking Integrations In One Go

We have currently more than 3,500 merchants associated with us. Our plan is to reach at level of 10,000 by the end of this year.

Shipway is a multi-courier tracking platform founded in June 2015 by Vikas Garg, Gaurav Gupta. The company empower eCommerce companies by providing 100+ courier tracking integrations in one go. They notify their customers by SMS / Emails about their order status, that will reduce customer queries.

The startup ask their customers for Order Reviews, that helps eCommerce players to improve the bad stock and tries to solve those problems with the help of Technology.

Shipway helps the merchants to serve their customers in a better way and to run their online stores efficiently.

The company's core is to reduce customer support cost and increase customer satisfaction.

Chitrakshi Suneja Interacts With Gaurav Gupta, Founder, Shipway And Spoke to Him

Idea Generation & Services

India is the market where huge eCommerce companies are entering day by day. There are lots of operational challenges for them while operating. Some of major challenges are Customer Queries and Returns.

The major customer queries are "Where is my order?", "What is the status of my order?", "When my order is delivered?". The main reason for these are no timely customer notifications. Most of the eCommerce companies are unable to automate these, because, most of the Courier companies in INDIA doesn't provide tracking API's and if they provides, there is lots of effort to integrate with the system and this is repetitive process every time when they make tie-up with new Courier partner.

eCommerce returns are mainly because of Product quality, Packing quality, Courier delay and other delivery problems by courier. We provides Services for eCommerce Companies like:

- Tracking for All of the major eCommerce couriers.

- We also provide SMS/ Email timely Notifications to online store customers.

- Reporting Panels for business

- Customized Email format

- Alerts for Shipments having delivery problems

- Order Reviews/ Feedbacks, to know more about what customers think about their store.

Funding And Monetization

We are completely bootstrapped and in talks to raise $1 million.

Our revenue model is a subscription-based model,

- Where small and medium e-tailers avail our services of sending SMS/Email notifications to customers on a per-shipment basis.

- Order reviews is also a premium service, We collect and group the Order reviews and present the reporting to merchant.

Challenges Faced

There are lots of challenges while setting up shipway.

- Very common challenge is every business needs and number of custom features, which is not possible as we are bootstrapped.

- We are adding their requirements in pipeline, decide the priority and according to priority, we are working on that as a feature of shipway.

Differentiation Factors

We are different as we enable online sellers to takes care of the delivery problems, enable them to reduce their RTOs and help them collect reviews. We are more focused on local market and our products is designed as per Indian customers.

Traction Details

Some Details are as follows :-
- 3500+ existing eCommerce companies are using Shipway
- 8 lakh+ Customers used Shipway till now
- More than 3 million notifications delivered till now
- 10k + reviews collected.

Marketing Plans

We are integrating ourselves on more shopping carts available in the market. We are also integrating this with the Self Ship marketplace merchants as well. We have currently more than 3,500 merchants associated with us. Our plan is to reach at level of 10,000 by the end of this year.

Market Size and Opportunity

It's a huge market in terms. As per a recent report over 10 million sellers are expected to be online by 2020, be it through marketplaces or on their own.
Our application caters to the need of all these sellers.

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