Save those Precious Drops with SmarterHomes’ WaterOn

Why should we save water? Because unlike electricity there are no alternative sources of water. In the history of mankind's evolution, no new water source was ever found.

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Most of us do not realise that unlike electricity there are no alternative sources of water. In the history of mankind's evolution, no new water source was ever found. Without metering there is no incentive for anyone to save water.

Research has proven that our consumption drops by up to 35 percent once we start metering. Most housing complexes do not meter the water consumption of residents individually. Instead, the residents are charged a fixed flat rate. The individual consumptions are never equal which results in most residents paying for others' consumption as well. This makes people insensitive towards water wastage in their homes.

With that snag in mind SmarterHomes, a Bangalore based company has come up with a solution to not only monitor water usage but significantly reduce water wastage through their automated IoT product, WaterOn.

SmarterHomes Technologies provides quick, easy and simple solutions for housing societies to adopt individual water metering. Their core product, WaterOn is a robust solution that measures water consumption in individual apartments. WaterOn, an IoT product, is the world’s first 100 percent automated smart water meter offering accurate metering, leak prevention (detection and control) and long life. It’s the only end-to-end solution providing real time readings to the consumers to help them prevent wastage and save money.

Started by Vivek Shukla and Kasturi Rangan in 2014, SmarterHomes empowers individual users to monitor, control and optimize their water consumption in real time.

Why is water metering important?

Most housing societies today either charge a flat fee or a fee based upon apartment area on water bills. Even though the water consumption is different for each household, the bill is calculated by dividing the number of households by the total amount. This means that some residents pay for others’ usage as well. Water metering enables housing societies to measure and charge individuals on actual consumption. Along with accurate billing, water metering also helps in reducing water consumption.

How does WaterOn work?

WaterOn is an integrated product which comes with simplified solution approach. The meter is an independent unit sending data to the cloud server. The meter comes in two variations – one with a remote operable valve allowing users to shut off water supply in the event of a leak or planned vacation, and second without valve which can alert the user of a leak but will not be able to shut off water supply.

Measure. Monitor. Control.

Measure - WaterOn uses positive displacement technology that makes them not only accurate even for very small quantities but also retains accuracy for a very long time as compared to conventional jet type water meters.

It can be installed in any orientation horizontal or vertical or even at an angle making them friendly for tough to install locations. In high rise apartment complexes, each water inlet is fixed with a WaterOn smart water meter. The meters connect each other network ensuring real time, loss free transmission of data to the wireless communication hub called Nuclious.

Monitor - The Nuclious enables real time connectivity of smart meters and sensors with SmarterHomes platform. The comprehensive dashboard accessible from internet and smart phones allows the customers to see their supply and consumption statistics, their averages, lowest and highest consumptions and also compare their usage with neighbours.

Control - In the event of a leakage or an abnormal consumption, the device will alert the user on the phone and user can close it remotely with the help of an app.

WaterOn also incorporates billing that not only presents the bill data but also presents usage trends, forecasts and a 6-month historical view of the consumption.

WaterOn is operational in 700 houses in Bangalore and 2400 water meters are currently being installed. SmarterHomes has its presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad and in international markets like Finland, Holland and Indonesia.

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