Advertisement Expands In 10 Regional Languages, Aims To Tap 260 M Rural Users

The expansion also aims to tap 260 million users in the rural areas of the country and personalise the interaction between the customers and the organisation

In order to enhance the customer service experience, Rezo.AI, India's leading AI-powered customer contact center, has expanded its services in 10 regional languages. The expansion also aims to tap 260 million users in the rural areas of the country and personalize the interaction between the customers and the organization.

Talking about extending the service portfolio, Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Rezo.AI, Ms. Rashi Gupta said, “Staying connected with the customers is the key to success for any business. Customer service in their preferred language can make them feel more connected and engaged with the organization resulting in an enhanced recall. At Rezo.AI, we help businesses personalize their customer service across the channels, whether its voice, email, chat, social media, or WhatsApp.”

“The potential user base of 260mn in rural India represents a huge untapped market opportunity for Rezo.AI and its business partners. The addition of 10 regional languages to the service portfolio has the potential to benefit domains such as Digital Agri-service platforms, Political Campaigns, Government Initiatives, Policy Rollouts, Cooperative banking, group lending, & telecom etc which thrive on people engagement” she added.

The company will use the data received from the huge user base to further process adherence gaps and help organizations to take corrective measures, enrich the experience and increase revenue along with saving cost.

By expanding the services in regional languages, the company aims to provide aid to the banking and telecom industry in easing the customer engagement process and increasing customer acquisition in rural areas. Along with this, the agriculture sector will also reap benefits as farmers can interact with the service providers in their own language to resolve their queries related to farming. It will also facilitate political parties and governments to do mass outreach, policy rollouts, inform about new initiatives as well as analyzing the sentiments.

Through its personalized customer service, the company in the past one month has achieved a three-fold growth in terms of conversational capacity from 15mn calls to 45mn calls per month.

The languages in which the company currently operates are Hindi, English, Hinglish, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayali, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bengali.

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