RVCJ Seems to have Cracked It With Chote Miyan. At 30M Page Views, They have the Pulse of Millennials

It has 14 million followers on Facebook, 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 180,000 followers on Twitter and 185,000 followers on YouTube. RVCJ websites has 9 million monthly users and gets 42 million monthly page views on its website.

Today, every person’s life revolves around social networking sites be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as well as Twitter. These social networking sites provide entertainment through listicles, memes, brand integrations, interviews, articles and videos. RVCJ Media helps to achieve their goal of digital engagement. They provide an array of social media services like meme marketing, video marketing through listicles, DVC, TVC, article development and other social networking sites. The company claims that their modern and diligent solutions are not only effective, but also ensure that one climbs the ladder of success with a super fast speed.

Founded on 10th October, 2010 by Shahid Javed Ansari, Ankit Mor and Harpreet Singh, RVCJ Media offer an array of social media amplification services like meme and video marketing, article development, social media amplification and creative campaign development. Seven years back, Shahid Javed Ansari, founder of RVCJ Media, introduced an entertainment facebook “Page” feature. Initially, he used the page to share SMS jokes on the page and soon started rolling out memes, when he roped in with the Co-founder Ankit Mor to be its admin. Harpreet Singh later came in to the picture as the other co-founder, when he helped RVCJ to have its own viral entertainment website.

RVCJ which competes with the likes of ScoopWhoop, Filtercopy, Wittyfeed and Storypick among others, is a self funded platform, however, they are looking out for some investors now. RVCJ charge flat rates for amplifying a brand existing content like videos, Memes etc on their social media platforms. They have a rate card for different platforms and pricing is dynamic and purely depends on the appetite of the brand at that point of time.

It has 14 million followers on Facebook, 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 180,000 followers on Twitter and 185,000 followers on YouTube. RVCJ websites has 9 million monthly users and gets 42 million monthly page views on its website.

BW Disrupt interacts with RVCJ founders and spoke to them:

How has the traffic increased over the past few months?

The traffic has steadily been increasing as the FB algorithm has been more liberal with our FB page reach and the traffic has been better than what it was in January.  The traffic also spikes when there is a season going like the IPL, World cup and so on. We also get a lot of redirected traffic from our Youtube and Instagram pages well. When people subscribe to our channel and watch our videos on youtube, they are bound to visit the website as well. So the unique visitors we get per month is always high because of our daily engagement with our subscribers, we make a post on our FB page every 10-15 mins daily! End of the day we are able to retain such huge numbers only because of the quality of our content and how this content has been able to sustain the interest among our followers.

What has been the main source of traffic? Share some of the links...

Our main source of traffic has been through our 14 million followers on our FB page. As and when we make new content on youtube and other platforms, then the inflow is increased and we end up acquiring a lot of new subscribers.

For example, the below 3 video on our Youtube page, have led to incremental website traffic:

Every Chindi Ever | Ft. Chote Miyan & Nikhil Vijay | RVCJ

Every Indian Shopper Ever | Ft. Bade & Nikhil Vijay | RVCJ

Indians During Sale ft. Chote Miyan & Abhinav

What are some of the key things that you are working to do in the coming months?

We are working on our youtube channel quite aggressively. We are constantly developing quality video content and the target is to release 1 video every 7 days. We have hired some of the top writers in the comic sketch industry in Mumbai who are whipping out content day after day to meet the demand of actually producing and releasing 5-6 videos per month. So that is something our fans and subscribers can expect from us.

We have also recently started a Tech page on FB called TECH INFORMER. The page immediately gained instant traction and amassed 40k followers on the FB page instantly. We are slowly going to start a Youtube channel and a Website for this platform as well in the coming months so the Tech community can look for some exciting engagement coming their way.

What is the traffic expectation?

The traffic expectation is expected to increase by an additional 50% at least but a lot also depends on the FB algorithm and how liberal it is going to be with its reach in the coming months. The idea is to get incremental traffic from our video initiatives in the RVCJ Youtube page.

Do you have some marquee brands working with RVCJ?

Our past few campaigns with Future Retail and Ivoomi (New Mobile Brand) have seen considerable traction. We also service a lot of new and young brands like Beardo, Xiaomi, Jio and many more. Also we work with all the leading studios and production houses month on month for various movie promotions in Bollywood and Hollywood industries.

What are your future plans?

This year, RVCJ plan to expand fully fledged sales and creative teams in Bangalore and Delhi as well. We are also planning to start mining into tier 2 brands and want to empower those who are craving digital media attention, through their expertise on social media platforms. The immediate goal for 2018 is to beat all our competitors in this space with excellent branding and PR which will have a waterfall effect on RVCJ by getting more business from brands in-turn. 

What is the market size and opportunity?

The Indian digital advertising industry, currently pegged at around Rs 8,202 crore. With the reach, we process across so many TG and demographics, even a fraction of this market size will be enough to propel us into a Digital advertising giant!

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